Provisioner Jin'hake is breaking WPvP in orgrimmar

There’s been a new bug or exploit that’s been discovered in which Provisioner Jin’hake is breaking WPvP, really doesn’t affect too much TBH other than when they keep killing the AH NPC’s and etc, due to him being immune to leathal damage essentially. In which due to him also being super low in level means that a max level player can be practically immortal with a small amount of leech due to the fact that each hit against the NPC hits extremely hard.

Can the NPC either be killable, or despawn after a bit as it is a little bit of a nuisance when there’s a group of alliance players standing in the main area of orgirmmar killing the AH NPC’s and etc. for hours on end. While being unkillable, even when people go after them in a group due to each hit they do against the NPC healing them to full.

It’d be a better idea to kick this to the bug forums if anywhere. Blues rarely look here.

Touche, I’ll make another post there about it.