{Proudmoore} --- Alliance Mage looking for guild

Hi, I am looking for a guild that raids 2 to 3 times a week. Biggest thing being raid start times at 8:30 pm central or 9:00 PM central till whenever. I am not picky on days either just that time (have to have the kiddos in bed before i can play)

I want to be part of a raid team and also to make some friends and people to hang out with on Discord and shoot the breeze with while I play on nights that the guild doesn’t raid, open to M+ or alt leveling or whatever on off raiding nights. Just would like to be part of a group again. I play pretty much 5 nights a week from 8:30 pm central to midnight central or so. I am a 45 year old man who craves some raiding and people interaction in my favorite video game versus playing in solitude and running heroics with randos and LFR. thank you.

H][US][Zul’Jin] 2-Day Mythic Team ★ |End of Line| ★ - T/Th (8-11 PM EST)


I would love for you to join our team!

About Us: 5/8 Mythic, 8/8 Heroic

What we offer:

  1. Mythic + (multiple groups run +20-27 keys)
  2. Alt raiding, transmog runs, and other guild activities
  3. AmongUs/Streaming Parties
  4. Guild repairs

What we want:

  • Proactive raiders
  • Raiders that also run M+ regularly

For more information, add me on Discord:


Yo! We are currently looking for a ranged DPS. Our times line up as well. Check us out!


Discord contacts:

Hello! Currently looking for a mage for my raid team. The guild is made up of older folks and we enjoy playing together outside of raiding. Dropping my spam below for you to read to see if you would be interested in being the token Mage:p

Guild: Lusts For Trash - Horde US-Bleeding Hollow
8/8N 8/8H
Raid Times: Tues/Weds 10pm-12am CST
Goal: AOTC
We are a casual AOTC guild that tends to be active after 10pm EST, when our RL obligations are fulfilled. We are casual in the sense that we want to see content but are not looking to world first or cutting edge every raid that comes out. Looking for some peeps to help flesh out a solid team for next tier. We do lots of M+ when we don’t raid, so come have fun and kill some bosses! Better be prepared to lust on trash!

Melee Dps- Rogue, Warrior, Dk, Dh
Ranged Dps: Mage, Hunter, Boomie, SP

Discord: Kungfubanana#7678 (Me)
Btag: Kungfubanana#1420
Discord: Fedca#5743 (GL)
Btag: fedca#1826

Hey, Greneugs,
Sounds like you might be an excellent fit for what we’re looking for and vice versa! Chain Reaction is an AotC guild (raiding heroic) T/Th 7-9:30 pm pacific and we’re looking for a mage. We also like to run M+ and chill on off-nights.
If you want to chat, hit me up on bnet RowanBeth#1291 or Discord Beth#0208.
Hope to hear from you!

Celebrating 9 years of Cutting Edge raiding!


Death Knight

9:30 PM - 1 AM, Pacific Time, on Tue / Wed / Thurs. Sunday is our back-up day when needed (for example, if the servers are down on a regular raid night).

In Dark Skies we balance solid Mythic raiding progression with everyone’s needs for career and family. But more than that, we’re a community that is a family unto itself, where everyone becomes true friends and get to know each other. We recruit based on both performance AND personality, to create a fun, friendly, relaxed environment where we also kick butt.

We’re a mature group mostly consisting of professionals & parents with young children. So we raid late, after the kids are in bed. Our members range from age 21 to 52, with most in the 30+ range. Our group includes professors, game designers, software developers, college students, and many others.

We value each other as friends, not just as people we raid with. We hang out on discord a lot, including non-raid days, and enjoy helping each other with achievements, farming old mounts, or just shooting the breeze.

Most of all, we’re about people. Because raiding isn’t really about classes, or gear, or specs.

Raiding is about people!


Personality is the most important thing. We want mature, easy-going people who like to have fun.

That being said, we are a Mythic raiding guild, so everybody needs to perform at that level. We’re very happy to work together to bring up our numbers, help with add-ons and macros, etc. We’re happy to take good raiders we like, as long as they’re willing to become great raiders. (We will NOT take raiders we don’t like! We don’t care how great they are.)

All ages are welcome, but we are mostly an older group.

Respect for diversity is a must. People come from different backgrounds, and we all need to respect that.

Please be respectful of others’ time! We all have busy lives and time is at a premium.

Must have Mythic logs / progression history. (From previous xpac is fine.)

SoO 14/14 Heroic (so Mythic before it was called Mythic)
4/7 Mythic Highmaul
7/10 Mythic BRF
13/13 Mythic HFC (U.S. 232nd)
7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare (U.S. 336th)
3/3 Mythic ToV
10/10 Mythic Nighthold (U.S. 240th)
8/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras (KJ @ 5%) (U.S. 273)
11/11 Mythic Antorus (U.S. 294)
8/8 Mythic Uldir (U.S. 313)
9/9 Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor (U.S. 420)
8/8 Mythic Eternal Palace - U.S. 230
12/12 Mythic Nya’lotha - U.S. 321
10/10 Mythic Castle Nathria - U.S. 337
10/10 Mythic Sanctum - U.S. 393
11/11 Mythic Sepulcher of the First Ones - U.S. 351
8/8 Mythic Vault of the Incarnates - U.S. 483

We play on the Hyjal server - The Jewel of the West!

Hyjal is a HIGH-population server, but with no queue times. The population is overwhelmingly Horde.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d be happy to talk to you. Add us on battletag please!
Tewa#1373 (btag) or Tewa#3476 (discord)

Or Me, on Discord @ Icewing#0666