Prot War + Resto Sham LF Raiding guild (H)

I have two friends. A Prot Warr and Resto Sham looking for a raiding guild. They’re 2/10M LF a similar progressed guild. Preferred times are anytime between 630-10 PST. Prefer 2 days of raiding during weekdays, but open to possible flex if right fit. Area-52 and horde ROCKETRON#1120.

Hey Rocketron!

Homie Hoppers (Alliance-Stormrage) is currently looking for a tank & friends for our newly formed weekend raid - raid times 8:30pm-11:30pm EST Friday/Saturday. Led by 2-day 6/10M raiders, we are looking to fill out our roster with solid players to kill some mythic bosses while maintaining a fun & relaxed non-toxic atmosphere. This team is currently 10/10H and 1/10M with Huntsman almost down running with a handful of pugs, and expect to progress at a decent pace once we have a solid roster.

Please feel free to have them reach out if interested, or would like to chat more! My battletag is Reagan#11656.

Dirt Flap is a core group of 14 that left the previous guild to form their own guild. We are looking for chill people that want to push content and have fun. Raid leader of 8+ years experience.

We run many mythic+ groups, pushing into Mythic raiding, & RBGS.

Raid Days: Tuesday & Wednesday
Raid Times: 7:30-11 pm Server Time (CT)

10/10 N

Minimum ilvl of 210+, experience 9/10H.

Currently looking to fill some spots. will take any of these classes/or amazing player.

Contact me Jaebabe#1755
Or Sh0#9012