Prot War 432ilvl 8/8H LF guild


Looking for a new guild with some friendly folks, I have a lot of raiding history behind me(none in Legion due to WoD guild breaking up)

Looking for some people I can grow with, I know my stuff and have the ability to do cutting edge material as you can see on a couple of achievements. I raid lead when doing those raids. People grow up have kids and quit, didn’t want to keep doing the recruitment grind like you’re doing now

I am a 100% show up never missed a raid while in a guild since Vanilla WoW(one time my internet went out and I hotspot my phone to play, was laggy but made it through). So i’m the tank that will always be there and always help people.

I do w/e I can to elevate the raid team, this includes random M+ to help people get that one special item, grinding every world quest of azerite every single day and everything possible every single week(lvl 63 neck almost half way to 64). I do w/e I can to make others better while not expecting them to keep up with what I do.

Raid Times - almost everything is cool with me, lets talk and see what you guys do. I’ve raided 6days a week and i’ve raided 2, its all about the people for me.


hit me up looking forward to chatting with ya’ll