Prot Pally Dungeons


True, I tanked a lot of instances in vanilla on a warrior. But one thing a warrior can do that a paladin can’t. Taunt.

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In the lower levels prot is very doable. In higher levels I think its very rough. To really make prot paladin work I think you are going to need to work really hard. I think your are going to use alot of mana pots, elixers, and you will likely need something to pull from range. Not being able to pull from range and not having a taunt makes tanking really hard.


Yeah, Linken’s Boomerang Trinket or Magic Candles will help with certain pulls. For most pulls, a beneficial strategy will be CC to line-of-sight, clustering your targets, so you’ll actually have one of your party members pulling for you.


Prot paladins can tank any and all 5 man content without issues, often better than even prot warriors because aoe threat is a thing.

BoSalv is paladins version of defensive stance, use it on the dps and unless they massively out gear you, it won’t be an issue. If they out gear you by that much… let em tank it who cares.

The protection paladin is fundamentally flawed, this is a completely true statement and it took the devs years and years to finally admit it and correct it.

Consecration and seals cost far too much mana, the fact that redoubt and reckoning both require you to be crit, lack of taunt, and the kicker is that RF and imp RF only increases the threat from holy damage. All of these combined is why it’s flawed.

It is not broken, just flawed. Which isn’t really saying much because protection warriors are also flawed. They are just differently flawed, and their flaws hamper 5 mans more than raids.

If you think you want to raid tank ever… save yourself the headache and just roll a warrior.

If you want to be able to tank 5 mans for friends and are okay with healing in raids… paladin might be your bag.

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Prot or ret is fine for your objectives.


Thanks for the excellent supplies. It’ll be very helpful when chosing my main. I didn’t play Vanilla, but I know it is better than retail so I am excited to jump in and have fun playing a class I will love.

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Paladins “need good gear” to tank.

Paladins have to do 5 mans to even start getting the “good gear” so they can tank those 5 mans, which they cannot do yet since they “need good gear” to tank them.

Are you starting to grasp the absurdity of most answers on these forums yet?

Save yourself the headache and make a warrior or druid to tank even just 5 mans.

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They’re just dungeons? If he has a solid group they’ll be fine.


You silly.

Everyone loves heals. Try to do anything without them.

Paladins can do everything, just like druids. Druids are better dps/tank and paladins are better healers (IMO).

Even Shaman can tank from what I hear, but would need an interesting set up.

If you are worried about raiding, dont worry, only about 1% of the entire WoW population, when WoW was as its peak, was ever clearing anything in raids.

If you want to, and are afraid of getting pigeonholed in any class, start your own raid guild.


Yes, roll a warrior, the most gear dependent class in the game, and slower to level than even paladins and won’t be tanking until he gets the gear.

Or a Druid, who needs rando off set and rogue gear to tank anything, so he’ll be grinding for that gear too.

Sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about, honestly.


Without sugar coating it or trying to get you believe something that isn’t true - a prot pally is inferior in every aspect ( YEAH BUT AOE THREAT ) no, not even AoE threat against a warrior with the proper setup especially when that warrior knows how to tank correctly.

You’ll take more damage then any warrior will, you’ll be forcing your group to wait for your mana almost every pull, you have AWFUL single target threat, you have very little designated gear from raids that isn’t part of a warrior tier set.

My advice to anyone is to pass on anyone claiming they are a paladin tank because that type of self importance to make an entire group or raid suffer with an inferior tank is not a nice thing to do.

Also “Start your own guild if you want to tank as a prot paladin”, please do so that when you gear any of your players up we can poach them after they realize how bad a prot paladin really is, you literally have to cut the balls off of your raid for it to viable.


I’d ignore this guy.

He thinks you need raid gear to tank dungeons.


Funny how part of a typical prot paladin argument is “WITH THE RIGHT GEAR AND SETUP IT CAN WORK”, and nowhere in my post do I say you need raid gear to tank dungeons.

Maybe work on your reading comprehension.


In a thread about tanking in dungeons.

In dungeons, I’ve seen paladins, druids, warriors, warlocks, shaman, and priests can all tank a dungeons.

BUT OMG, they don’t have raid peices for tanking…but how did they do it???


Words are hard I guess.


It gets the job done, but you need to know what your doing and your limitations.

I love Paladin for the versatility. But past dungeons, you must heal… Or spend a ton of money and energy into consumables to be an ok DPS.

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Hybrids are jacks of all trades, and masters of nothing. You pay a tax for being flexible.

If you play a hybrid with this mindset, you can focus on playing to the strengths, and adapting to the weaknesses of hybrids.

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Well that’s because it’s the only challenge that’s actually in question. In PvP all classes are viable, threat maintenance doesn’t really exist, and a debuff limit isn’t problematic. 5 mans also have less to worry about: early ones don’t even need a real tank. For the most, you literally take any combo that includes a healer and someone with a shield.

Raids are the only content you can get yourself locked out of based on spec and class choice for your role. Can’t become uncrushable means you probably won’t be allowed to tank Patchwerk. No taunt means you literally can’t do the job for 4 horsemen(which of course means now you have to bring even more tanks in the raid) and so on.

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Look at the OP.

Bolding mine.

And the first answer was dismissively reinforcing: paladin=healer. Nothing about “You can do 95% of the content in the game, but if you’re one of the minority who actually cares about raiding, you might run into trouble.” Even after they said, “And I never got into the raiding scene, and it doesn’t seem likely I will for this game.” people kept saying things like “Though if you don’t ever want to heal anything ever then yeah, I would probably consider the idea that Vanilla WoW Paladin may not be for you.”


Most of the difficulty of playing prot in a dungeon was from lack of resources. It wasn’t a difficult spec to play, and it was effective enough for what it did. The frustration comes from having to drink constantly. It wasn’t until spiritual attunement and things like gear itemization for prot that it became an actually good spec.

That being said, people are going to do what they want, and that’s fine. It’s just annoying how neglected the paladin class was.

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LOL, you could not be more clueless if you tried. Since you never actually played vanilla let me clue you in, warriors tank just fine in fury spec, all while gearing up. Your pirate server experience may have varied but stop talking about vanilla when you weren’t there.

You just proved my point. “IF… IF…IF…IF…” THEN paladins can tank dungeons. :slight_smile: