Prot Paladin Looking for Guild

Currently looking for a active guild to join and grow through the ranks. Looking for a good community.

WIlling to server transfer if needed. Currently Tank on paladin and Demo On warlock.

Have raid experiance looking to try to get back into i have cleared normal mode so far looking to raid heroic on either toon.

Please contact me via battle net Kl0wN1#1666

Thank you and happy Hunting.

Hey Doorsock, You sound like a good fit for us. We are on Area52 and raid on the weekends, We also run keys throughout the week at all levels, and we’re pretty active and responsive on Discord. Here is more about our guild

Where Loot is a raid and mythic+ guild seeking to grow our community. Our main goal is to achieve AOTC in every raid tier with a midcore approach. Our focus is to secure AOTC then transition into tackling some mythic content. As a guild, we are dedicated to fostering a supportive and social atmosphere for all our members, while also being able to switch to a serious mindset when required.

Raid Schedule:
Saturday, Sunday 7:00 - 10:00 PM EST


  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible – 1/9M / 9/9H
  • Vault of the Incarnates – 8/8H

Currently Recruiting:

  • Mythic+
    • All
  • Raid
    • Healers
    • DPS


  • Positive Attitude
  • Open to improve and feedback
  • 90% raid attendance

Recruitment Contacts:

(GM) Discord: " M05final " or " M05final#9096 "

Horde and Alliance options Aberrus: 9/9H 1/9M Vault: 8/8H 2/8M

Hello, after taking a slight break from Mythic raiding we are looking to build back up our roster and begin pushing mythic for the upcoming tiers!

  1. AOTC Every tier since BFA
  2. Weekly mythic+ (20s+)
  3. Semi-hardcore Mythic Progressiom

Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7:30-10:30pm PST (10:30pm-1:30am EST)

Recruitment Needs:

  • Mage / Shadow / Elemental / Devastation /warlock
  • DK / DH / Warrior / WW
    High Priority Classes, Open to anything

Was not sure if you where EST or not from your discord post.

Send btag request

Hey I’m from a fresh guild on Area 52. We’re currently looking to fil our roster for heroic raid and more. We could use a tank or the warlock, I’ll send you an invite on bnet.

Hey! We we raid Tue/Thur Heroic ATSC 8pm-10:30pmEST. AOTC focus. we run a lot of M+ and dabble a bit in PvP as well.

Let’s chat, Message me on discord @ Raemynn (Two N’s)

Hey Door!!

We’re a relatively new and smaller guild, actively recruiting to grow our roster! We operate primarily as a community, many players are cross server and faction (I dont force people to spend money if they dont want to!)

See below for my Recruitment spam:

[Degenerates Only] - Stormrage - Is Freshly Formed M+/Raiding Guild of sweaty Degens. LF Chill & Semi-Casual folks. We’re all about being loud and have a good time. We have some great gamers apart of the group that are happy to help/teach/hang out.

Our goal as a guild is to be a true community in that - folks feel free to chit chat, to ask for help, to group regularly without feeling left out or ignored.

H Reclears currently - Thursday 9pm-12am EST. Content is easy - practice and good vibes are what clears bosses. Standing in fire does sometimes give you a buff, and its usually my healing parses :wink: Stress free and fun raiding environment is our ultimate goal.

Normal / Alt night - Sunday 9pm EST - 12am EST

Mythic+ - We do mythic plus nights usually on our offnights, sometimes I schedule an event day for this. We run keys for alts, but also push higher keys if you are interested in that part of the game as well.

We also do fun events - Discord Transmog contests, and ingame events.

If we’re not having a good time, what is the point?

Send me a discord friend request if you wanna chat more :slightly_smiling_face: You are welcome to sit in discord and partake.

Discord: mayonnaise_
Btag: Musturd#11211

I added you looking forward to chatting.

Hello Doorsock


Primeval Ascension is a newly formed AOTC/M+ guild looking to add more people to our roster! We are currently looking for all classes and specs as we aspire to fill out or core AOTC raid team. We’re also open to social and M+ players as well!

Heroic raid are slotted for Mon/Tuesday 9-11:00 CST. With a possible normal/alt raid night in the works!

If you happen to be interest in M+ or raiding, but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry! We have no problems helping people learn! As long as you are willing to learn we are willing to teach!

• Everyone is welcome to join for M+!
• We will continue to run mythic+ keys throughout the week and have a dedicated

M+ section in discord people can post in for specific keys they want to do or if they need help getting slots filled for the vault!

• We would love to foster a solid M+ community with people interested in running all ranges of keys together even if they are not interested in joining the raid team!

Ultimately the goal in Primeval Ascension is to encourage a fun and friendly atmosphere for all types of players. We want our raid experiences to be enjoyable and stress free with a solid group of people! If this sounds like something you are interested to be part of, please reach out! We would love to have you!

We are here to have fun but progress in that order! Our goal is to provide a friendly, cooperative, fun, tightly knit raiding and M+ environment for people.

In order to achieve this goal, we are looking for members who exhibit the following qualities. Maturity, empathy, and competency. Be a good human and treat each other with respect and compassion.

If this sounds like the place for you, reach out to Campjo or Mixx_13 on discord MadeinJapan#11426 or DireRaven1216205 on Battle.Net

Howdy, Doorsock!
I’m with Chain Reaction on Lightbringer. We’re an AotC guild running T/Th 7-9:30 pm pacific. Figured I’d reach out–not sure what your availability looks like, but we are looking for a warlock for our team!
Hit me up RowanBeth#1291 on Battlenet or rowanbeth on Discord if you like. I tossed you a bnet invite already.

Hi Doorsock,
We have a AOTC semi-hardcore raid team with open spots right now that we are recruiting for the upcoming raid tier. We raid on fri and sat from 9:30pm-12:30EST. Below I have put the link to our guild information for you to look through if you would like. If it looks like something you would like to be a part of please feel free to reach out to me on discord (Byndi) or through Battlenet (DireRaven#1113911) as we would love to add you to the family.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a great day!