Prot Mage Tower

This has to be the most troll content ever released to date. Multiple times now, I get to the second phase and those purple lines push me directly into an infernal and I get knocked off. Will use glider if I haven’t had to already. I feel like I’m missing something with this fight. It’s absurd. Did the WW one in 3-4 attempts. I’m probably 50-60+ on the prot one atm and it feels like I’m barely any more ahead then when I started. Depending on where the eyes and infernals spawn can be the difference maker.

The encounter is an absolute cluster. Single least enjoyable fight I have ever had to work on.

You can jump over the purple lines, it’s tricky if you’re getting pushed by two at once, but jumping will let them pass.

You can also use them to your advantage if you wanna go faster towards an orb, just ride the line and then jump/go around it after getting your orb.

I did prot day 2 without nerfs, its not that hard just become the best prot paladin like me and you’ll manage easily. It’s made for good players so dont feel bad if you cant do it.

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Nerfs? You mean when they ‘nerfed’ all the people that were exploiting the fights? Those two days? Those nerfs?

nah the nerfs to the actual mage tower that made it almost impossible, i never exploited any items or anything so it was very doable without using exploits that dont work anymore.

Unfortunate. Guess we’ll never know.

you are also 25Ivls higher

Gear gets scaled down in the mage tower, ilvl gaps are meaningless.

Not getting it after 50+ attempts is causing this much frustration? I did it on my guardian druid with low ilvl crafted pvp gear that was all slotted and enchanted with BiS and did over 400 attempts and consistently could get him to 8% on last phase. Needless to say I didn’t complete it, I’ll try again when it next comes around.

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