Proposal: Adding a 7th (Leveling Patch) to the beginning of the SoM Cadence

Much of the best content in the vanilla experience happens before the end game. Even if you progress through your own leveling experience slowly, there is always the worry of falling behind when most other players have reached level cap. In other words, the incentive is to rush through to the end game and forgo much of that content.

In playing through the SoM beta, being level capped at 30 and now 45 has proved to be entertaining, novel content. I thought the same thing about the original WoW Classic Beta (disappointedly though, as I never played it myself) and the subsequent stress tests (shout out to the group of us that downed VC, capped at level 15).

I propose beginning the SoM cadence with a 2-month ‘pre-patch’ with weekly updates to increase level caps (assuming Blizzard keeps to a Tuesday server update schedule), e.g.:

Week 1: Level cap 19
Week 2: Level cap 29
Week 3: Level cap 40
Week 4: Level cap 49
Week 5: Level cap 55
Week 6, 7 & 8: Level 60

An obvious change to make would be to nullify the gold multiplier for quest completion at each level cap. Otherwise the economy could be greatly effected.

I would be curious to know others’ thoughts about this idea. What kinds of content would it bring about and what would you perceive as some problems? I have my own thoughts about both and I hope this might lead to an interesting discussion.


The leveling caps add a lot of interesting nuance to stale content but I don’t think it will go over well with the dopamine addled. Blizzard has traditionally favored the endgame. I assume the majority do as well due to the intense focus on it. I’d enjoy a touch more focus on dungeon and world content but I suspect I am the minority.

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A vast majority of the the people playing the game will disagree with you. Leveling is a novelty. Some people really do like leveling. MOST people don’t.

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Lol no


I never, ever see Blizzard doing this so I think the argument is pointless lol

I dont think OP understands what SoM is.

This isnt the classic fresh that a lot of players are touting. This is a “seasonal” (w/e that means) rush to 60 and raidlog race to 50th “world first” MC/BWL/AQ/Naxx clears.

Will there be casual players? Sure, but the majority of people playing will most likely be elitist holier than thou, im better than you, get rekt scrub, players.

Gonna call it now too…guilds will be loot council 100% across the board. If you arent a part of a clique of leadership of a guild, your gonna get rolled on hard.

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level caps are for betas, not the actual game. nobody wants leveling to be time gated

every good guild i ever raided with did loot council. if you think they’re unfair, leave the guild. if they truly are unfair, the guild will fall apart. chances are you’re just being selfish and want all the goodies for yourself, lol.

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False. People have suggested this fairly often.

I could definitely see it being used in a “fresh Classic Era” server… It just doesn’t really fit with the competitive nature of SoM.

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I agree 100%, loot council is the best option. But from my experience, its the most toxic, mismanaged, agrumentative, and easily corrupt loot system as well. The vast majority of guilds I have been in with loot council have either fell apart or have a routine 10-15 drop outs due to loot favortism.

In todays eco system, if you arent from a guild that was on private servers since before classic, you’re considered expendable.

It creates an atmosphere like I stated. You are either a part of the cool kids group and have a hidden loot prio, been there longer than the new recruits and only given scraps the cool kids dont need, or you’re the new guy who is loot banned for 2 weeks to prove your worth.

But alas, the problem isnt with the loot system a guild chooses, its how the loot drops. It sucks and feels unfair to everyone because your either on the bad end of what I said above, or for the 2nd month in a row that stupid sword,trinket,ring or cloak didnt drop.

Most RETAIL players don’t like to level.

Pserver players and vanilla fanboys have no problem leveling, and this game is for them.


Sounds like you played a class that wasn’t in demand.

LUL all these casual gamers trying to stop real gamers from leveling normally.

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