Proper use of Soulstone?

I did an instance, and after the tank died, he actually got upset at ME, because I didnt soulstone him. I had instead placed it on myself.

Is it actually common practice to soulstone the tank? Like a Mage’s Time Warp, you never use it for yourself while in a group

SS - should be used on tank and or healer - usually saved for tank in mythic plus.

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Ok, well now I know, still annoyed he got so upset though. Why didnt he mention it before he dies? Cant the tank see if I placed it or not? More generally, god forbid you make a mistake while learning new class - and this was timewalking!

Ohh yeah people freak over the smallest things, don’t stress em
But i have a macro that I use for SS that Shouts, and Raid Warning, and Whispers the person getting the soul stone. just so I never have to deal with this.

I use mine like a battle rez, no one gets it and then if someone needs it its ready


I always used to do that… until they removed Soulshatter and made it a dead PvP talent. Now by the time you get the Soulstone cast on the tank, you’re dead.

Its a 2 second cast and I’m not generally next in line for threat, it works out

Because people general expect you to have an idea of common practices within your class when you’re at higher levels. If this was done on a low level character, then he was certainly out of line. But no group is going to start off each instance explaining what they expect from each class - they only speak up if they want something which deviates from the norm.

  1. This was a timewalking dungeon; it’s not a current content dungeon, mythic+, or a raid. It’s content meant to be largely nostalgic and “fun”, so a more relaxed attitude is appropriate

  2. Ive read various guides, from third-party websites, and read about rotation and talents, etc. I honestly never read “when you go into the instance, put your soulstone on the tank”

  3. his first sentence was just swearing, his second and third sentence were insulting me, and only the fourth even mentioned the soulstone. It could have been conveyed in a seriously better manner with some appreciation that some people could be new to the class, especially in casual content like timewalking


Dont sweat that guy, it doesn’t seem like he even read the OP. The only thing you did which probably isn’t a good idea is using the soulstone on yourself. Just sit on it or if you feel compelled to put it on someone, throw it on tank or heals.


also to be noted you don’t have to use it preemptively, it can be used after someone goes down. tank dying in a timewalking has his own issues to worry about


Thanks for clarifying that.

Also explains why he screamed at me ‘hello? Battle rez?”, which I initially thought was directed at the healer till he later said ‘yo! Warlock!’

I appreciate the replies, ty

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He was probably more pissed off with the battle res than preemptively soulstoning him. As you get more used to the Warlock in dungeons, you’ll start to instinctively pay attention to the tank and healer’s health pools to be ready to quickly bring them up if needed. Sometimes I do soulstone one of them before, but only in very specific situations as I prefer to save the battle res.

In a raid environment is a whole different thing. I always soulstone one of the healers before a boss pull, and I only battle res someone if the raid leader calls for it, or if I feel in the havoc of a given situation that it’s the right approach to get a kill.

P.S. Definitely soulstone yourself if you’re solo’ing or pvp’ing, but only in these situations.


Yeah one major issue… is if you dont follow the general strategies… I dont like that at all unless its a do or die very important issue… someone has to test out new things… and just doing something because its the way isnt very smart… its the way because someone did it with good success… doesnt mean their are not other strategies… tho… i prolly would have hit the tank with one myself. But if you dont experiment then your not really playing your just following. An your never gonna be the person to develop a new tactic or strategy.

The soul stone precast as you begin the dungeon is wasted potential. Cast it on the tank; it’s not available if the healer eats a mechanic and dies early. Cast it on yourself; it’s available for no one.

I always reserve its use as a battle rez. Who it is used upon varies based upon the needs of the fight.

For instance, in some burn phases you might end up casting it on a dps;

Chalk it up to a class lesson; ignore the idiots and move on.

nice 3 year necro lol

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When my groups start to die, I soul stone myself in preparation and once everyone is dead I get up and wait for them to run back. Because warlocks are evil and that is our style.