Proper aoe tanking?

Yell at them to give you a few seconds.

Even just 2-3 GCDs to establish the mobs in position and get an AoE or two down is night and day in terms of locking the pull down.

Thunderclap is a waste of rage for threat in classic.

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One thing that is ultra annoying behaviour by DPS that would solve most problems.

Target the same mob FFS!

If you all blow up one mob for your first 4 spells:

    1. it’s dead, one less to worry about
    1. you all put slows on it so if you pull aggro it’s fine, tank can taunt it, or just kite it a bit
    1. the tank got a few precious seconds to build some threat on the rest and now you can DPS with reckless abandon

If you open with AOE, or you all single target a different mob, the tank can’t out threat more than one of you so he isn’t getting hit, has no rage, and now he can’t even get any rage, so now you’re (the mage) tanking and the tank is a useless bystander.

Don’t be a pain in the butt.

Single target one mob to start the pull. All DPS, one mob.

Makes everyone’s life easy.


There is alot of garbage advice and spectacular advice here.

Aight first, what kind of player are you? If you like to get baked and chillax do not tank. Tanking is hyper situational and chaotic. Even when things are going well you have to be coked ADD in case pats, threat drops, or your group is bad at not aggroing more stuff.

If you prefer speed metal, my talent reccomendation is:

Go immediately for tactical mastery. Full. Follow that with imp charge. These two are god sends for making your job easier. These two talents let you charge, tclap, and either change to def and demo (more threat) or demo, and swap to def. This will not only mitigate alot of damage to you for the healers sake, but if one drops that mobs is still hitting dps for less and slower.

From here you can literally just wait until someone pulls something off you, (this is where speed metal comes in) the 1/10th second you see a mob change direction, click it, taunt it, and sunder or revenge to lock it.

Continue this process, smack things with your sword, don’t use any abilities unless dying, mob changes aggro, taunt, sunder, continue to build rage.

Yes, in theory, the dps should be focusing, check elites guide for our conversation about this. But they dont. You can mark to get a better idea where the damage SHOULD be going. But that only helps half the time.

Do not battleshout unless your threat is comfortably under control, or you have no melee dps. All melee dps will hit harder and faster than you, so if you give them a boost to ap, you’re making the threat issue worse.

You can, and should, leave any mob below 15-20% health for the dps. It will die quick, and you moving will only screw things up. I often have my threat drop around this time and the dps does fine.

Be careful using your toolkit, theres a compulsion to press things as soon as you have them. Dont.

Is there a mob that you need to pick up?
Are you at least at 2 sunders (or 4 revenge) on every mob?
Is your healer oom and you are dying?

Stop touching buttons. Tab out and skip your pandora music you dont like, type some smarmy quip in chat, whatever, let your rage build.

In the event you’re in a particular stance and you’ve saved up a whole bar of rage, stay in that stance. Max tac mas only lets you keep 25 rage, so either burn that rage down to 25 doing…well whatever useful so you can change stances with wasting rage. Or, change stances in emergencies (read: mocking blow)


Man I totally thought this was going somewhere good and then you said get improved charge… RIP

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I appriciate your theory crafting, but nrass tax, ive found BS to be a luxury of good tanking.

It’s not really theory, it’s how it worked in 1.12. As I mentioned though, it does not currently work that way so you haven’t been able to AoE threat with BS on classic (at least not nearly to the degree that you should be able to).

The blue post I linked to mentions that they intend to change BS threat to work the way it did in 1.12, which will mean after it is fixed, it will then be the best AoE threat generator a warrior has.

Kek @ AOE threat. Gg. Lol.

Oh? Well why dont you take imp charge? And why?

Im still lost, how does boosting ap of dps work to better threat gen?

Here’s a threat table. You can note that battle shout is supposed to generate the amount of threat listed in the table multipled by the number of friendly targets you buff with it.

It doesn’t currently work the way it’s supposed to, but once it’s fixed, it will be one of your highest threat ability when buffing 5+ targets. Or even 4+ targets.

IE: max rank battle shout is supposed to generate 70 threat per targets affected. If you buff 5 party members that’s 70x5 = 350 threat generated on every single enemy you’re in combat with. Compare that to max rank sunder which generates 260 threat (edit: and obviously on a single target).

Because in vanilla/classic, buffing friendly targets in combat generates threat.

But again, it’s currently bugged and doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. After it’s fixed, it should work as I described.

edit: just adding in case anyone comes across later, you then apparently have to divide the threat by the number of enemies, making it a lot less impressive against large groups than I had seen claimed elsewhere

Jesus. OKAY. this is honestly insufferable. Skarm is better info. Also ew.

Sort of a poor opener that doesn’t take full advantage of the class.

If you’re in a position to charge you want to…

Charge > berserker stance > whirlwind > berserker rage > battle stance > thunderclap > defensive stance > blood rage > demo shout > battle shout.

From this point you tab target autos and sunders and revenge. Meanwhile rage dumping with battle shout. If it’s all ranged dps ask the healer to stand in bs range for more threat.

You get more threat with battle shout and battle shout can’t be resisted since it’s a buff. You want to serker rage because you get more rage when hit. You also wait to use blood rage in defensive stance because you’re staying in defensive stance as well as any rage outside of auto attacks gain actually generates threat ie more threat from defensive stance. Also you can use a rage pot for small threat gains too.

just tell doods to wait a couple seconds, let em know ur not gonna kill everything by yourself, they will still be above u on the dmg meters.

Mark a first target, preferably a caster.
Run in and start building on everything but the skull really, throw some dynamite down early if you can, then start cleaving as you build on the things people are getting up on threat with your white hits and abilities.
Either taunt the skull once someone makes threat on it for you, or ignore if entirely based on how close to dead it is.
If healing is not a problem you are probably better off putting on some hit to help rage gen along with swapping in an offhand when nothing physically devastating is on you.

You’re level 40 so I’m assuming you’re Arms specced.

Berserker Stance -> Berserker Rage -> Battle Stance -> Sweeping Strikes -> Charge -> Berserker Stance -> Whirlwind -> Battle Stance -> Thunderclap -> Demo Shout -> Defensive Stance -> Sunder -> Tab Target -> Sunder ect. ect.

This is your best chance to hold agro for AOE tanking. Just keep demo/thunderclap up during encounter while you’re sundering.

Hey bud. So here is the gist of it. My warrior is spec’d arms and I use 2h axe.

From zero rage.

Charge/gather pack
auto swing
Sweeping strikes
zerk stance
Battle stance
Cleave<Overpower<mortal strike

That burst takes about 4 seconds and puts me in total threat control of a pack.

At this point you can swap to Defensive and throw a shield block up to buy some healer time and see if there are any mobs that didn’t get hit.

Then play hamstring monkey/finisher/taunter.

The end.

Bear tank here.

First thing I do is explain the process.

  1. I am going to mark a target. Focus it down with single target skills. Purpose of this is for me to get threat on the rest of the mobs.
  2. Go ham with AOE after it is dead.

I run improved thorns, which helps with aoe threat. I also tab target and swipe after I get a single maul on the marked target. I will courtesy mark a second target after the first one dies for single target classes.

Just make sure you know the dungeons. Know priority targets and proper LOS pulls.

Oh, and if you have an ele shaman in group…good luck. Not sure what it is about them, but they always pull aggro on secondary targets.

but they do go all out bfa style and when they do pull aggro instead of standing still and pulling the mob towards you they run around like a headless chicken taking just as much damage while making sure to keep the mob just out of range so you can’t get it back.

No tanking is needed with proper AE.

Stuff dies fast and DPS can kite or survive long enough. If a DPS is AE and eating damage, they’ll be dead and that’s their problem.

Tank only useful for bosses and ‘big mobs.’ Its more effective to ‘blow up’ other trash… tank to pull and group the mobs is all that’s needed really for trash.