Professions in BFA/Shadowlands

Hello all! I am a newer player and have been playing through Battle For Azeroth. Since I’m late to the BFA party and still learning the game I’m not looking to do any serious end game content at this point, I’d like to just experience the questing/story-line and try some dungeons while trying a few different classes. Figured I’ll mess around here at the end of BFA to figure out which classes I like and maybe get 2-3 leveled to 120 so I’m ready when Shadowlands launches.

That said I’m a bit unsure about professions - should I be leveling any professions? Are there some that are helpful/fun in BFA - less about gold making and more just would make my time in BFA fun? Or are there professions I’ll still need after Shadowlands comes out? Do my Shadowlands professions replace BFA and I just shouldn’t bother?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

As Blizzard changed the professions so earlier levels of the professions aren’t required for current for the most part, you can pick the ones that look most interesting to you. I would suggest doing a gatherer/crafter combo at least initially as herbs/skins/ores will be harder to buy initially.

As far as fun, I don’t know that any are really for the ‘fun’ but if you like some of the stuff you can create from a profession then go for it. Engineers tend to have the most ‘fun’ stuff, so you might want to check that out.

Thank you for the reply! Ok so I will not worry about getting specific BFA professions for Shadowlands that is good to know. I was worried I needed to get them all up before the new expansion.

I think I’ll just play around with a few professions in BFA that feel appropriate for RP-wise for my characters.

Thank you again!

Hi Lochsly,

Welcome to WoW! Here are some things to consider.

First, you can only have two professions at once so whatever you choose now should be what you want to use in Shadowlands. If not, you’ll lose the current progress you have. Although each expansion starts a profession at 0 for that expansion it can still be nice to have recipes and such from previous expansions for alts,

Second, something to consider is most professions, for example Blacksmith, have special armor/items they can make that are Bind On Pickup. This means that only the crafter will be able to use this item. So for blacksmith you can make a raid-level belt and legs, assuming you’ve raided and gotten the materials for it. I expect that Shadowlands will have something similar to this system, so that might influence your decision.

Third, as someone mentioned a profession with gathering can always help you make money and make the game world feel that much more exciting when finding things to pickup. Herbalism, mining, even skinning mobs can add something extra to the game. Some people will pick up two gathering professions to just sell mats (e.g. herbalism and mining) but I think it would be better to pick a complementary profession (e.g. herbalism and alchemy).

Good luck!