Professions hotfixes

Well, that answers that question. I got my alchemist up to 50 and was able to use the transmutes - except I couldn’t. Pressing the button did nothing and I thought…what did I break? So at least I know it isn’t actually broken, just turned off.

It is our top priority to resolve the underlying issue

Well, that’s nice to know. So people able to do whatever they needed to do earlier could benefit from it, but people like me get to sit around waiting for them to fix whatever they should have fixed before. As always, not happy Jan.


thallia will get mad. :confused:

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but your not a panda.

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At a certain point they’ll learn to code their own game, Even if just for alchemy…

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I say no to panda! fite me!

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i’m sure blizz is currently analyzing your account at this moment thallia. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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thats right the banhammer is coming for you cupcake. :cry:

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  • Alchemy
    • Transmutation crafts have been temporarily disabled in order to address an exploit. It is our top priority to resolve the underlying issue and re-enable Transmutations as soon as possible.

…that doesn’t say “removed cooldown for failed vials”…they must love making us wait 4 hours to retry…

3 week too late on the profession swap fix. The game should have never gone live with that, crafting is super scuffed from all of the busted stuff that should never have made it out of beta.

500 rep per week, per profession. For someone starting now, it will take 13 weeks to hit esteemed. Missives(which shouldn’t have even been available until week 5 for humans), can reduce that, but only by maybe a week or two.

Throw in the cloth cooldowns exploit, generating years worth of cloth cooldowns in a single week, and cooldown value has been cratered for the entire expansion.

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The normal enemies are now only skinnable by a single skinner.


Found the eternal optimist!


Why would it? That’s baked into an entire specialization.

It’s right here:

They also have a blue post here:

Makes skinning more rewarding and less rewarding in the same hotfix. Cool, I guess.

It’s a net positive for people who specced into skinning. The only negative are for people who didn’t spec into bait, but were benefiting from groups that did. Which is how it should have always been imo.

This should drive titan prices even higher. Which is a good thing, I was making good GPH with my skinning.

I think it’s the same issue as Chronocloth/Azureweave: hearthing reset your cooldown to three.

I also at one point got 10 charges back out of absolutely nowhere for some reason: I did my transmutes for the night, logged off, didn’t play for a day, logged in expecting to have 2 or 3 charges, suddenly I have 10

at this point I have no idea what the hell is happening with transmute mastery and cooldowns, the time is inconsistent, the charges I get are inconsistent, the only thing that IS consistent is that I don’t get anywhere near enough multicraft procs as I wish I did

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