Profession suggestion?

I know, super late in the expac to ask this, but I was looking for suggestions for a non-gathering profession for my Shammy alt. I already have Enchanting on her to get those sweet mats to sell.

Edit: And my monk is an Alchemist; don’t need another one…brrrrr -shiver-

Enchanting and Tailoring are the only ones that work easily without a gathering profession alongside them.

Jewelcrafting is pretty niche, but it could be fun. You’d need ores, though.

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I’d have to agree with Renascia on the Tailoring/Enchanting. If you don’t want to do that, my next best bet would be Inscription and to funnel mats from your monk.

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That is an idea; I’ve never had a Jewelcrafter before (last I even remember about that one was making little guardians during BC).

Isn’t it a massive gold sink though?

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Yeah it definitely is, but all the crafting professions are – especially at this point on the expansion. You’re very unlikely to make your money back from anything other than Alchemy/Enchanting.

Inscription and Jewelcrafting tend to make more money at the start of the expansion or a patch.