Profession inspiration axed in 11.X

they thought it was to meta.

I found it amusing. Somehow they said both this:

and this

at literally the same time, in adjacent paragraphs of the same message.

“We wanted RNG, but we didn’t want that much RNG.”

And now they’re replacing it with a slow-building energy mechanic. In other words, time-gating, because if there’s anything the devs love as much as RNG, it’s time-gating.

Oh, the time-gating comes with RNG, because the only thing better than RNG or time-gating is RNG and time-gating together.


I think I saw an interview somewhere else a while ago where they said they would be redesigning inspiration because not getting an inspiration proc on an item felt like a failure, which honestly i agree with.


It’s the drugs

Drugs makes dumb ideas seem brilliant

I have a strong feeling that this situation will only worsen and become more expensive. I genuinely believe that the developers should eliminate the concept of quality altogether. I find it incredibly frustrating to manage multiple quality levels of the same item. This situation significantly contributes to the clutter and disorganization in my inventory, making it difficult to keep track of my resources.


486 embellished equivalent items are almost definitely going to be more expensive for longer unless they’re insanely generous with concentration and/or ingenuity.

They could probably get by with 2 ranks, but having some sort of better quality material as a second variable other than # of herbs/ore/skins gathered is pretty important for helping gatherers feel like their knowledge is helping them make more gold. Lower quality and cheaper materials also gives pvpers and people crafting lower ilevel items (mostly casuals who usually have less gold, or peoples’ alts who they are less likely to spend gold on) a more accessible way to get the item that they want.

Thankfully you can just throw them in the warband bank!

My two cents: Crafting is already ultra frustrating. Accessibility in crafting is not improved in the current system. For casual players, the only time crafting was truly accessible and balanced was during Warlords of Draenor. The emphasis on quality only creates a divide between those who can afford more tokens and those who cannot, incentivizing token purchases or just not crafting at all because your crafts will never be the best.

I ended up not engaging in the system at the start of the expansion because, as a casual player, I ended up getting gear better from dungeons long before I could craft anything of value.

The current system is loads better than the previous systems. In all of the AH based systems, outside of farming, you needed to invest gold to make gold. In the current system with crafting orders, you can instead invest your time, and get a gold benefit.

The new concentration mechanic is even better for casual crafters than the current one. Under the current paradigm, if you are more than 30 points off, you cannot take a guarantee order from someone if they won’t set the order to r4 on the minimum quality. Under the new system, you just need enough points to get to rank 4, and then concentration can get you all the way to rank 5. Will you be spending more concentration than a fully maxxed crafter? Yes, but you are now able to compete with them for customers by giving the customer the same product and experience. From the customer’s end, there will be literally no difference between a casual crafter who can max it, and a dedicated crafter.

The hard cap also heavily benefits casual crafters. Dedicated crafters cannot monopolize the market as easily, and they will likely reach a point where they are out of concentration and cannot sell guarantees, opening the door for casual crafters to step in and take the order. With guarantee prices being more expensive due to their now more limited nature, casual crafters will also get more gold per unit of time they invest. Due to its limited nature and automatic recharge with no farming, it’s even more likely to attract casual crafters. Would you rather spend 30 minutes in trade to get 3 orders worth 10k each, or spend 3 hours in trade to get 30 orders worth 1k each? The new system makes it a lot easier to do the first, while the second is the default experience under the current system.

I’m not interested in making gold from crafting. Nor do I care about ‘the market’ Only in making items for myself, and my friends. In the current system it way too much of an investment of time and gold to get good mats to do that. I don’t even like farming anymore because everything I pick up is bronze and silver, and only rarely gold.

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Ah, you just want the braindead professions back, got it. They specifically made these changes to make professions more involved and engaging, rather than the snooze fest they were before.

MMOs are social games, and they want players to participate in the market with other players. It’s still possible to do everything yourself, but it will take more effort. That was the intended goal, and it makes the game better when you have to interact with players.

Negative. I want profession to stay as they are, with the exception of quality being a factor of output. If I have a fair chance of making quality items I would have a fair chance of selling quality items. But since I don’t, I wont. I don’t care how that would effect ‘the market.’

Having a spec tree makes 0 sense without item quality.

Why don’t you have a fair chance at making quality items? What exactly is stopping you from getting the knowledge every week like everyone else?

I think this is just the change I was looking for personally, even Ingenuity seems to retain the interesting aspect of Inspiration (proccing free +1 tiers). I now just hope that they allow us to use Mettle to improve other crafting stats rather than just skill level for +tier.

Well you might have to twerk it or trash it. But it could be a simple change as to make it more like a talent tree where it’s how you learn new recipes by spending knowledge points.

I can’t craft the best quality stuff and I can’t always play every week. My game time is very random. I might play 7 hours if I can in a day and not at all for weeks at end. At first renown stopped me from learning recipes, I’m still not capped on most of them.

In the min max world your stuff is either the best or it’s trash. I craft trash. :joy:

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So you don’t “want profession to stay as they are, with the exception of quality”

That completely removes player choice to go broad on a whole host of items or go deep into a single one, which is one of the core aspects to the social crafting system.

And now you can craft the best quality stuff with a pretty minimal knowledge requirement. It just requires more concentration on your end.

Put on your ideation/developer hat. You did point out something that would have to be tweeked if quality was removed from the system. So I gave an example of what that might look like. But I’m starting to feel you said that in bad faith.

With minimal changes you can just require have level items to require the +skill you get from knowledge breakthroughs. That way you still have pick your path, until you max everything thing out of course.

I didn’t say it would have to be tweaked, I said that having a knowledge tree doesn’t make any sense in a world without quality. It would be like if when they removed ammo from the game in cataclysm, they kept putting ammo items in engineering. Or if they hypothetically remove mana from all classes in some future expansion, but kept making drinks that said they restored mana.

So you want hard gated quality instead of soft gated quality? Under the war within system, it’s “ok, you’ve learned bracers by putting 1 point into bracers, and getting more knowledge will make you able to craft more max rank bracers per day, but you can still craft the bracers you unlocked at max rank” vs your suggested “require have level items to require the +skill you get from knowledge breakthroughs.” which is just “oh, you can’t max craft the bracers until you spend all 30 points in bracers”

Why would it stay the same if it wouldn’t make sense?

Your making some assumptions on a hypothetical finished project when this hypothetical project is still in it ideation phase. :joy:

Because you said, in your hypothetical world, it would stay the same except quality would be gone

When you pointed out the flaw. I realize it would need a tweek to that system. We are past that point but your just stuck on it. SMH :unamused: so, in this hypothetical project, the knowledge tree would need to change. So I gave a simple example.