Problem with achievement Shocking! (10 PLayer)

We completed 10 man Thaddius Wednesday night and we had no one cross each other but we did not get the achievement. We confirmed with warcraft logs, details, and other addons and found no friendly fire in any of them, as well as the achievement tracker not stating that we had failed it at any point. After looking into this issue, I see that in nearly every forum there is a least one person complaining of the same issue with no recommendations other than submit a ticket and wait. After submitting my ticket I received a auto generated response stating to check all the forums I already checked and if I did not find it to post it here.

Our raid id is: 220225034
Character: Deathghat
Relm: Pagle- US

Thank you for any information you can give us on this issue.

I think the log would be more important that the raid ID…

You’re incorrect. A raid log can be tampered with and doesn’t really prove anything to a support worker. A raid ID gives them a starting place to look at their internal logs.

Well as someone who can do nothing with the raid ID, the log is more important.

Exact same thing happen to us yesterday
We were tracking the achivement with add on never said failed plus in log no one got any damage for other then static field and chain ligthning
Can’t share log because can’t post link in reply how convenient
Add me on disc if you wanna look at them Nikké#0302

We had the exact same issue yesturday with our guild run. We all did a ticket and received the same automatic reply by Blizzard.

Our raid ID is : 220384740
Character : Kalterast
Realm : Sulfuras-US

Quick question, I heard it has to be on your first try, did you wiped and retry prior to attempting it ?

I got the achievement on both 10m and 25m this week, and neither one was on the first try.

That said, I read (on Reddit, maybe?) people were running into the issue if they had a hunter/rogue/mage/night elf drop combat rather than dying and releasing, as if a hidden flag preventing the achievement never resets until you release. I have no way of verifying that info, but if your group is wiping to retry, there is no reason not to take out everyone with you so you know that isn’t going to be a problem on the next attempt.