Pro RDF posts are history repeating itself

Much of this community has forgotten how retail got to the poor state it is today. RDF was the beginning of the downfall of the “world” element in the World of Warcraft. Sitting in town being pulled through the nether from instance to instance removed the feelings of journey and scale. It caused irrelevancy for what made the game unique and it’s primary draw for new players.


Why is the defense always retail when WotLK is the topic.


History repeating itself is choosing to cross The Dark Portal . . . twice.


All of this.

it is amazing the same people who wished for Classic, are now wanting everything non-classic…in classic. make it make sense.


I will still do this…queue in their new awful tool…wait for invite…wait for summons…hearth and do it again!


RDF is a WOTLK Feature that was in WOTLK for nearly a year. Feels like a broken record repeating this.


I think we need to stop pretending that Classic was intended to be a complete replica of the original experience. It is impossible to recreate a game that came out 15+ years ago. Leveling routes have been optimized… gearing routes have been optimized… the experience for anyone just isn’t the same. There is no guessing about what you need to do when you hit max level. We have all sorts of add-ons and websites and and and.

From what I’ve seen, RDF is just a tool people want to make the things they’re already going to do a little bit faster. We all know there is no general, communal desire to make new friends via dungeon groups. There are plenty of players who are good enough to make random group matchmaking roughly the same experience as making a group with random players.

I’ll explain: typing LF tank/healer then g2g for 2 expansions straight 1-2 hours a day really makes you reconsider things. Try it some time.


Yep, they want their convenience features at the cost of ruining the game forever.

They can’t learn from history because they are retail players.

That’s kind of the point though isn’t it? The game was already ruined. There is no mystique about making a group yourself vs having the game make it for you. There is no community to save… All it is, now, is a question of how much convenience would you like?


We could go the entire expansion without rdf and the same exact situation is going to play out regardless, what’s this fantasy people fight for in community? They obviously didn’t play last expansion if they are this delusional


Wait until you see the new raid changes to wrath!

The last expansion of retail I played was OG Wrath (spoiler: it had RDF) which is what I am trying to get back to…instead we are getting Wrath Reforged.


I’ve seen them, they are fine.

Removing RDF is also a great decision. The retailification of Classic happened during Wrath and Cata and one of the main features that did it was RDF. The sub count of WOW started to decline a lot when RDF was introduced.

Apparently battlemasters in Vanilla caused WoW’s doom. You no longer had to go to a bg to queue. Can just sit in town all day. WoW officially died in patch 1.6.

Oh wait, maybe this is just another troll thread with no basis in reality.


So those retail conveniences are ok? Y’all are trolling for sure now!! :rofl:


there’s nothing new, unique, or exciting about travel time in an MMO.

get your garbage take out of here, WotLK needs RDF.


Haha now this quite the paradox for the anti rdf crowd. What’s this a retail player… from wrath retail?! Hahaha


Wait, you mean to tell me you’re not immersed when you fly up in the air, point your mount in a direction, auto fly and alt tab?


Resetting cool downs on a boss wipe is fine with me. I don’t see why making people wait a long time for CDs is fun.

This actually solves a lot of degenerate behavior.

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Dungeon finder was in Wrath. If you don’t want to experience Wrath, that’s fine. You could always check out Classic Era. I’m sure that’s massively popular since clearly the majority of players prefer the game without dungeon finder. Right?