PRO Havoc DH out there, how have you coped to stay amongst the top tier?

So prolos out there.

I realize these new changes are totally ehhhhh, some make no sense, like removal of 1 sec dodge on that thing.

But how have you coped to out damage even the force user Balance Druids? The machine gun assaulting Crocodile dundees? The ninja? The fire benders (of fire nation)? and what nots.

What gear have you gotten that you rely on, trinkets or whatever?

Seems SL loot is total trash, and some BFA loot is still better for certain things at almost half ilevel.

What is the best covenant abilities now for Havoc hands down, mythic/pve VS pvp?


Unfortunately, I switched to Vengeance. Missing Havoc, but it’s the next best thing, imo.


Seems legit.

Convoke is getting nerfed next week so well see how how it fairs then. Full Moon isnt in the spell anymore so that will help a lot because Full Moon was what was causing the issues with one shots

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well the 40% crit chance of the legendary helped too , and full mon is a pain but Startsurge crits hurts too

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Full moon was hardly the problem it’s getting like 4 starsurge crits in a row that kills you most of the time.


I don’t.

The only time I outdamage a spec is if the player of that spec is bad at it, with obvious exceptions like survival hunter.

The Hunt just has the highest numbers, soulshape also pairs really well with felblade. Our damage is just kind of low so you have to work in tandem with your partner. For PvE, single target is just very hard and reliant on Chaos Theory. The biggest killer of us in PvP are snares so druids and mages (the meta) are just owning us a lot of times but you can still get big damage from The Hunt. I honestly think when we get to the bottom of the 3rd soulbind night fae havoc DH might have something going because we can have a huge burst opener with the 10% more damage+25% more crit

snares + disorient is trash right now
there seems to be no stun immunity ???

but yea the answer to this thread is reroll veng tbh or be a pally/balance druid/hunter/ele shaman

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