Prince Renathal's Record

Is it me or is Prince Renathal an abysmal leader?

In his first attempt at a rebellion, he got his entire army turned to stone. Now the details of this are a bit murky, but he must have made a serious error for this to happen. Either he underestimated his foes (who he’d been working with for millennia) or walked into a trap. Not a great record thus far.

It gets worse on his second attempt. After we bail him out, you’d think he’d learn his lesson. With his vastly reduced forces a direct confrontation would be suicide. Perhaps he could try sabotaging them, maybe releasing devourers into Castle Nathria. No, with a grand force of five people he tries to take over a plane of existence. He empowers his tiny band with anima to try and make up for it, but this ignores the fact that his enemies have had access to much larger stores of anima for far longer. It’s essentially him and the boys getting coked up on anima and trying to overthrow a dictator.

Predictably, his force is ignominiously defeated. His followers are dispatched by gargoyles (fat lot of good that anima did them). He charges Denathrius and is taken out before he can throw a single attack. He tries to pull a Taran Zhu and gets shushed by Denathrius. This moment is supposed to make Denathrius look good but Renathal’s record is so bad that it’s not much of an accomplishment to thrash him.

What inspired me to make this post is his conduct during the 9.1 campaign. He manages to let Denathrius get rescued by sending all his guards to attack Mal’Ganis. Why was he kept on a pillar in the middle of nowhere rather than, say, Sinfall? To add insult to injury, Mal’Ganis himself escapes soon after. I guess the guards were busy chasing a stray cat or something.

Blizzard seems to be acknowledging Renathal’s inability with how they portrayed him in this recent campaign. He is humiliatingly interrupted by the Stonewright in his attempt to parlay, who reveals that his closest guard was a dreadlord the whole time. The Stonewright and Vashj then take the lead in removing dreadlords from his stronghold. Is this leading into something or do you think it’s an accident that Renathal has been portrayed so ineptly?

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It wasn’t his first attempt. The Accuser notes he’s tried this before when you join the Venthyr, before they knew Denathrius was bad.

In the Covenant Campaign he notes that Denathrius was able to see through his Medallion, so all his plans were always entirely visible to Denathrius

It doesn’t mean anything. At most an Alucard reference (he regularly fails at taking down Dracula without the help of others).


As Denathrius stated Renathal had become Arrogant despite having drained countless Arrogant Souls.

The Official Website noted that the Rebellion could leave Revendreth mired in the same decadence and sin it is charged with cleansing.

We all assumed that statement to hint that Renathal was the same as Denathrius but now we learn it was to hint at the decadent incompetence of the new leadership.

Alucard took down Dracula in Symphony of the Night on his own in combat. It was freeing Richter Belmont he needed help with and only because the target was hiding from his eyes.

I have to say, I heard him say their cause was hopeless but that was exciting. I mean, don’t let that guy ever talk to my troops.

Historically, Most Rebellions fail.
And those who do succeed are long, bloody and costly, usually after many failed attempts and setbacks.

And this is even with the best leaders you could have.

well, I look forward to Zovaal reinstating Denathrius b/c Renathal is boring, imo.

At this point it’s also reasonable to figure that there could have been dreadlords insinuated throughout Revendreth the entire time, so basically all the significant schemes of any venthyr of note - whether against Denathrius or not - could have been made known to him by disguised agents among the Harvesters’ retinues.

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Generally yes but the Medallions specifically serve as basically listening devices for Denathrius

…did you not turn in the quest from the raid?

They focused the mirrors on him and had the Naaru channel her powers on him to make sure he couldn’t escape.

That said, not sure why they didnt reinforce the location when they found out about the dreadlords.