Primordial Wave Shadow damage?

Any chance we see Primordial Wave switch to Nature or Elemental damage, for flavor and interaction with Enhancement mastery, talents, and wolves?


Yeah i saw they did this for other skills but kepts primordial shadow for no reason at all. Make it elemental damage, nature, or fire. Its a bit weird how this one was not changed

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Actually, Fire and Nature wouldn’t make sense. Probably only Elemental is fitting. It forms a circle of fire, lightning, and frost on the target on collision.

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Yeah i saw the effect just looks like a slightly slower elemental blast. I dont like it but its better than current i suppose just not that noticeable

The effects are pretty muted for most of them but it still looks good. And elemental blast needs to be replaced with the animation from the heirloom trinket elemental conflux, which looks way better and modern.

So many new elemental animations from the primalists this xpac and unfortunately none of those assets have been used to updated lightning bolt, chain lightning, eath quake, lightning shield, lava burst, or elemental blast.

Frost Shock and Icestrike for enhancement could also use serious updates.

Also, enhancement stowing his weapons every time to cast a spell looks bad, they should do like DK’s and use the artifact raised cross weapons animation to launch the spells from their weapons.


Yeah shocks look weird when 1 second youre swinging with the weapon on hand and all of a sudden your weapon is at ur side and u smack a frost shock.

Thats why i only use legion artifact weapons for transmog because at least it feels like my character is just turning off the lightning axe and fire hammer to do other spells