💀 <Primordial Malice> - AoTC focused LF DPS for 8.3 and Beyond

Santa Claus did not bring me more guild mates, so I am reduced to bumping this thread.

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Curious if I’d be a good fit. I have a number of different alts that I could play/bring. Also, added you on BNet, Meadbh!

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:sparkles: Still looking for a Mage. :sparkles:
Other exceptional raiders will be considered.

Damn I wish y’all raided at 9 :slight_smile:

Come half an hour late! That’s still 2 hours of raiding and we do plenty of other stuff on off nights / after raids!

I guess I can always pug whatever bosses I miss …

Gear hasn’t always been a high priority for me,
although I do enjoy raiding, Just having fun and doing stuff on off nights is equally important

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That’s what we do!

Ya Cyreks, what Mcrelb said!! Come join us, be assimilated!!

Last couple weeks of this raid tier will bring some Mythic Uldir runs, legacy transmog things, some pvp action! Relaxation before Battle!

This guild is nothing short of kind and have friendly people. I just joined and they made me feel comfortable.


Thanks for the kind words Aibbon :slight_smile:

Its a great guild! Joined a couple weeks ago. Very helpful group!

Still looking for a full time Mage.

Mythic Taloc and Mother down!

LF Mage and Lock still.

Come find your new home before Battle of Dazar’alor.

Even if raiding isn’t your thing, still plenty to do outside of it!

Don’t listen to McRelb. The only thing he does outside of raiding is ERP.

Where be the warlocks ?!?

Still looking for an additional Warlock!

Warlocks, where are you ?!?