<Primordial Malice> 9/9H AOTC/M+ Guild - LFM for 10.2 (RDruid or MW Monk)

TLDR: AOTC focused guild w/casual Mythic raiding LF to fill a few spots for 10.2

:skull: Primordial Malice :skull: is looking to fill some roles for 10.2. Our focus is primarily achieving Ahead of the Curve for every raid tier and dabbling in Mythic raiding once AOTC is achieved. Non-raiders also welcome.

:star2: Recruitment Needs

  • Tank: Closed
  • DPS: Closed
  • Heals: Closed

:star2: Raid Schedule

  • Wednesday: 8:30 PM -11:00 PM EST
  • Thursday: 8:30 PM -11:00 PM EST

:star2: Progression

Aberrus: 9/9H, 9/9N currently
Vault of the Incarnates: 8/8N and 8/8H

:fire: Goals

To not suck at raiding.

The core raid team will be progressing through the highest available content the group can move through. Once the progression looks good for the current tier, we will open invites for non-raiders provided they meet the minimum requirements.

:fire: What we offer

Leadership of some kind.
Guaranteed wiping
Guild repairs
Raid consumables
Very meme-filled discord

:fire: What We Expect of You

High Attendance - 85% or greater
Being prepared to wipe
Motivated to do stuff
Willing to improve
Active in Discord
Sense of Humor

:fire: Raid Requirements

DBM or similar add-on
Weak Auras as needed
Class specific add-ons

:globe_with_meridians: Contact Info

BattleNet: Meadbh#1777
Discord: meadbh

Come join. We have chicken :chicken:and squirrels :chipmunk: (ok, that’s a chipmunk) … not together of course, unless that’s your thing.

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Discord: Meadbh#4372

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Discord: Meadbh#4372

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Meadbh#1777 - bnet
Meadbh#4372 - discord

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msg me via Discord or Bnet

Meadbh#1777 - bnet
Meadbh#4372 - discord