Primeval Essence Quartermaster?

you got xp from the kills, didnt you?


Sounds like you should’ve finished leveling the alts.

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I already “D E S T R O Y” [yes] them all didn’t even know they took the quartermaster away.

Tbh farming/hoarding these is a very niche thing to do I didn’t think anyone would be doing this. It was a prepatch event I assumed it would go away and the essence becomes value-less since it’s not and endgame source of gear anymore.

As someone who has been playing on and off since initial launch I had never had a character high enough to participate in world events. As such, I didn’t know to expect that the pre-launch vendors would disappear shortly after launch. I was still trying to figure out what to do with my 3K+ essences and when I finally decided to buy sets for the transmog sets the vendor was nowhere to be found. The fact that the two Storm Hunters are in the Dragon Isles just rubs salt in the wound.

Those in this thread saying, “You should have known.” smack of an elitist attitude that generally keeps casual players from interacting with the community and pushes us back away from the game.


I participated in the world events as level 5, anyone could do it.

That said, wish I could spend these, another useless currency…

Pretty sure the Shadowlands pre-patch guys are still around. Granted, they added the items to pre-existing NPC’s, but still. When the vendor didn’t disappear at launch, I figured she’d just stick around like those guys.


They’re still up in Northrend? Now I gotta go see lol!!

I had alts I did not level (I leveled 6 of them to 60) and planned on buying the gear for them after leveling my other to 60…


I agree that I would very much like to have these vendors back so I could finished spending these. After doing research, other pre-patch vendors are still available like some in Northrend. But additionally, I took a very long break from WoW from Cataclysm to Shadowlands. So I had no idea the vendors were going to go away either and I can’t find any patch notes or anything that tells people what changes are coming or even that it happened at all. Blizzard, my request would be to simply let people know about upcoming changes so that we know and can take appropriate action. But also, please bring these back even if only for a little while.


Just adding my voice to this, bringing the Vendors back is what needs to happen. As mentioned before, doing this does not hurt gameplay, but for sure makes life easier for those who continue to play (and pay) for this. Instead of trying to lure players into spending more, how about rewarding those players who made the pre-launch event a success?

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Crusader Adevald Ironbeard is still up at the Argent Tournament Grounds and still selling the items from the Shaowlands launch event

Well darn…I assumed he would be gone at launch so I literally deleted hundreds of the scourgestones from my bank the other day lol

Just got a new one up to 60 and found this out now. RIP. And the clueless dummies in Irvine are always perpetually wondering why their base is so hostile towards them.


I also gathered essences to complete the transmog sets. Since I could not buy and equip plate or mail (my chars were not high enough), I wanted to do that later.

Therefore, my Druid did farm a lot of said currency which is now useless. Maybe they removed the vendors so they can bring back the transmogs with the trading post…

Still a bad move if you ask me.

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You need to be level 60. it does not make sense that they would get rid of the vendor while so many people still had the essences

Still have 600+ essences. Restore the darn vendor. Hurts no one. Let me grab some weapons for alts for crying out loud

Not with level 60 toons with ilvl 120 gear. I was still leveling toons with the expectation of buying 252 gears when they hit level 60. Now all of my level 45 to 60 toons have ilvl 60 to 120 gear.

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So much for this being an alt friendly expansion. I saved up enough so that i could gear 4 more alts that are currently level 45 to 59.

I don’t know how much clearer that could be. Play around in the dragonflight zones for a few hours, the gear that you’ll get from quests will be at or above 252. I’ve leveled plenty of toons as fresh 60’s with no SL gear, it’s not as easy as with the event gear, but it’s still easy.

It’s a very alt friendly expansion. Probably the most alt friendly since WoD.

Then you should have used them while the pre-launch event was still in place. They’ve done this every expansion for over a decade. The fact that people are surprised by this is…surprising.

Because our alts weren’t level 60 yet?