Primeval Essence Quartermaster?

The Primeval Essence Quartermaster has vanished from the top of the tower outside of Org. Does anyone know where she went? If Anywhere? I hope I’m not stuck with this currency in my bags now? (I know I can destroy them).


They took the vendor away.

I don’t understand why. I farmed 3.2k Primeval Essence. What a waste of time :c

All that planning about my alt gearing for nothing.

It won’t affect anything about gameplay to bring the vendor back. It’s not like we can farm MORE Primeval Essences.

Blizzard: Please bring back the vendor!


I was still testing classes and only got two weapons… have 600+ essences.

Can I just…play your game please? Put the vendor back; it’s not a big deal, my god.

There were a ton of class changes, bunch of specs, and some don’t have a ton of time. I just want to gear 1-2 guys/specs I ENJOY IN YOUR GAME…after I find out what I like.

Bring back the vendor please. Thank you.


Wasted a ton of subscribers time for doing this. I have a lot of characters and EARNED the essences. I too have been testing characters. It’s just horrible customer service to waste our time like that… When we should have had a WARNING that blizzard was going to do it!


if they are going to remove the vendor at least go ahead and turn the currency into grey items so I can sell them. As others have said, there is no reason to take the vendor away. When it was still there the first week of dragonflight I figured it would just stay. Now I’m stuck with a bunch of essences on alts that were not level 60 that are useless. Made me log out of the game tonight.


It’s a pre-expansion event. If you want gear, play around in the dragonflight zones for about 2 hours and you’ll get better than the stuff those essences gave anyway.


Vendors in a pre-expansion event go away with the event as always.


except they were there well into the official launch, after the event ended. a warning would have been nice.


Both of the vendor NPCs are located in Valdrakken at 38,38 inside the building, but neither of them are interactable.

Blizzard please make this so we can spend out farmed Primevals.


So why didn’t you spend them already? Expansion event stuff always goes away. If they were up after launch that sounds like a bug.


That was probably one of the many bugs at launch. The event was due to be up until the release of DF. The vendor for a pre-expansion event has always disappeared when the event ended probably the reason for no warning.

I farmed up currency on my alts as well and at the same time leveling them cuz the xp was crazy especially with the anniversary buff. I also was lucky and got the 4 parts of the trinket in a couple of hours allowing me to go to alts to level.

I could not buy it, my toon was only level 50 at the time, I thought I would be able to get it I hit 60. It would not sell it before hand.


The Dragonflight event was the worst event ever! The drops were all topo low level to use and we end up with worthless essence without a warning. I don’t think they care at Blizzard anymore.


Super unhappy about this too- all that time grinding my characters there to collect essence and now that I’m level 60 the vendor dipped. I get that the gear wasn’t going to last more than a few hours into the campaign anyways but it’d be nice to have something for all the elemental killing.


Why wouldnt you spend it? First thing I did earlier on launch day.

I assumed it would go away at launch so spent it all ahead of time, but i don’t see why it has to be removed. If you can keep the Blizzcon Murloc vendor for ages, why not this one? It affects nothing aside from making those who miss out feel bad.


Just my opinion, but pre launch events like Legion invasions, primal etc, should remain until the end of an expansion. It gives folks out leveling in the old zones something else to do. Getting tired of doing the same ole quests in Kalimdor, and Eastern Kingdoms over, and over? Cool I can break off and go do an invasion area for a little while. Then later folks can use the vendor to throw on some gear, send to under geared alts to help them get a little bit of a head start in the new DF zones, or heck just for transmog, pets etc. My opinion again it was not a great idea for them to have this pre-launch event so close to the Thanksgiving holiday also. A lot of people travel, or vacation out of town during that time, and might not of had the opportunity to get to do the whole two weeks’ worth of the event. Again just my opinion.


You couldn’t buy anything until you hit 60. Most people used the event to level alts. Now you turn 60 and can’t use the currency. What is so hard to understand? It was literally a gigantic waste of time.


Pre expansion event ends when expansion launches. Like others have said, level for an hour in DF and you’ll have better.

Or greens from ah are like 100g a pop

its prepatch. prepatch stuff is always removed