Primalists who and why?

Why are the Primalists a thing? I feel like I’ve missed a whole novel that explains their mission, motives, and goals for Azeroth. Could someone point me in the direction of the name of this book and where I can get it?


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We don’t know.

All we know is that the Primalists have a “Titans suck, everything should be elemental” philosophy and have taken up arms to enforce it. They also somehow discovered about Raszageth, where upon they were able to liberate her and then joined under her in their war against Titan creation aka the Aspects, their flights, and their allies.


I like the joke that the Primalists are just a bunch of conspiracy theorists. They believe Azeroth is flat and and yell how all religion ( cosmic forces ) are a lie while being drug away by guys in white scrubs

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The truth is that the primalists are an easy form of creating a new antagonist faction.

They had alot of options that would make more sense and would end with the same result as what we got, but it would require more effort on the lore side so… meh

One option would be that Raszageth would be freed by accident, maybe the reliquary and explorer’s league in their missions found her prison and unintentionally freed her.
And after that she would be free to recreate the movement against the titans.

Or we could have a dragon traitor that knew of the incarnates and sought to free them so he created the primalist movement in the shadows.
Alas we got what we got.


It doesn’t even make sense for them to be primalists. Razageth makes it clear that even they will die with all the rest. The only reason she doesn’t kill tjem now is because they’re useful to her. Dathea in Vault has dialogue that really says it all. Razageth tells her to shut up whining that she’d be dead already if she didn’t have a use for her. Then she does to her what azshara did to ashvane, gives her a gift that is gonna kill her and tells her to kill us first before she dies.


It’s no different that the Lovecraft cultists in Call of Cthulu. The Primalists may simply be nihilists who don’t care or figure that they will be the last to go. Or that they might earn a place in the Elementalists’ idea of utopia.

The Night Elf members in particular may just want to see the world burn like Teldrassil.

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I don’t really mind the bad guys this time around being Dumbo wombos. Think about it kind of makes sense, to be world ending evil you’re not going to be wrapped too tight in the first place.

There’s possible brainwashing in the spa area. Appears to be a waste to assault the location when they had a good thing.

Sad that Blizzard has so far passed up the perfect dragon villain for a dragon-themed expansion. They would rather toy with resurrecting Galakrond when they have a perfectly good Chromantus literally stashed in a vault just waiting to be used.

There definitely is. They’re using water from Tyrhold. Dragon eggs are hatched in that water too. It’s infused with order magic I order to “ensure obedience” as Odyn insisted once he found out those proto drakes were gonna get titan mojo and Tyr apparently agreed with him enough to do it but not enough to tell tue dragons what was being done to them. One of the books in uldaman chronicles his embarrassment and humiliation that he kept internalized once the dragons started calling the Halls of Infusion “Tyrhold”. He didn’t even want the other watchers to know the dragons called it that. Alexstraza and Nozdormu will most certainly discover tue full of extent of what was done to them that they continue to do to their offspring. And it will crush alexstraza but the betrayal of it will be what sends Nozdormu over the edge and he will become murozond


In the Ohn’ahran plains there’s a small quest chain given to you by Scout Watu where he asks you to slay animals empowered by the Primalists. On one of these creatures you find an energized shard that you bring back to him, and while inspecting it he accidentally drops it in his wound. When this happens, Watu is charged with power and feels fully healed, but in return his inhibitions are suppressed and he wields his new power recklessly, injuring his brother.

My interpretation is that this might be whats happening to the other Primalists; they’re being charged with elemental might that also turns them aggressive and impulsive, and in this state the Incarnates can direct them towards their enemies by employing half-truths and promises of yet greater power.


I really like the idea of the primalists, the surface level glance that they want to return Azeroth to its original, much more elemental, state. It’s also very interesting to have the incarnates actually have solid justifiable reasons to hate Order. But past this, it really feels like we haven’t been given anything else to work with.
We don’t really know why the average non dragon primalist is part of the group, we’ve seen individuals who have given their reasons, but a more general reasoning would be super nice! I also really want to know what separates a primalist from a shaman, I want to hear the opinions of important shamans(shamen?) on the matter.
My big worry is that they have laid the groundwork with Iridikron to shove any valid point by the primalists under the rug, with this ‘unspeakable bargains’ talk.


Them being high on (borrowed) power kind of tracks.

We know infusion is a big part of the Primalist kit compared to normal shamans, Kurogg infused himself with all four elements in his fight and another boss was basically a suicide soldier given more air power than she could handle.


I think at least for the elf members that it has to do with Teldrassil burning which disillusioned a lot of NE. They don’t like Elune for abandoning them so they scoff at all celestial gods now. Even though they were once trolls and became elves because of order magic, but it led to generations of corrupt highborne and corrupt elves in general. I’m sure they don’t care about dying if it serves the primalist cause because they probably have a lot of self-hate for they themselves being imbued with magic that transformed them.

I’m just imagining theres the same group of disallusioned cultists moving from doomsday cult to doomsday cult, but this time around the bouncer didn’t let the obviously Titanic derived races in

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