Primal Stormling on AH

It is amazing, went to check the AH and there were 1000’s of them listed and the minimum price for a level 1 was 10k! I do think it is nice that they can be sold to a vendor for 30g if not learned.

Now I know people want 3 if they are die-hard pet battlers and collectors (guilty), but don’t people think 10k is a bit much for a pet that is easy to get? Plus, you get enough essences with a couple characters and you could get extras for essences.

I have 17 characters and got it on all 17, only needed 3, kept 3 extras and stoned them to 25 and will hold onto them to sell at a later date.

To me its dang right silly to try and sell them right now when tons are players are getting them the easy cheap way…I have stored quite a few and will just wait till later next year and test the waters and see what is up…I do same with the Halloween pets I go trick and treating get the candy to buy the pets and store them till 6+ months later then put them up in the AH…