Priestesses of Elune

So while trying to come up with RP backstory for my Priestess. I couldn’t help but notice the lack of material to use. Considering how important they are for the Kaldorei, I just find it difficult to believe there is so little about them. Was curious if anyone knew where I could get more information on them as an organization and how to RP as one as far as a Elune worship leader.


The War of the Ancients trilogy provides invaluable information and insights into the early priestesses, among other things. Reading about it on Wowpedia is good also if you have not already.

This kaldorei roleplay guide might also have answers to any questions you may have.

Paying attention to quests concerning priestesses and Tyrande might also be helpful.


sadly like you said, there isnt much lore but that could play towards your advantage.
To RP as one would probably be akin to rping as a actual preacher. Sermons in moonlight to save souls and heal the wounded. Assist in any way possible. good for goodness sake.
After the tragedy of teldrisil your priest could go two ways. Drowned with sorrow and questioning her beliefs or maybe shes strong willed. seeing this as a true test of devotion.


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Elune-adore Sister Maeranda,

It’s true that much of the Elunarian faith and the role priestesses of the Sisterhood of Elune play are enigmatic at best. However, the mysteries leave ample room for you to forge your own unique interpretation.

Fortunately, there are some loose canon references you can use as guidelines.

For one, there is a hierarchy within the Sisterhood. The High Priestess, viewed as Elune’s voice on Azeroth, is the paramount figure within the Sisterhood. There is only ever one High Priestess of Elune at a time. Below that you will find everyone else.

It is unclear how the Sisterhood organizes itself beneath the High Priestess, but it is presumably to do with age and experience as a priestess. For example, an Elder Priestess of Elune (or Moon Priestess), such as Maestra, may be trusted with leadership over a specific region. In Maestra’s case, she was charged with maintaining her outpost in western Ashenvale, and organized sentinels and adventurers to safeguard that region and purify corruption at nearby ruins.

If you wish to create a Priestess of Elune character to use as a leadership figure, I recommend taking age into consideration. The older the priestess, the more opportunities and experiences she has had.

When it comes to looking at night elf society in general, it’s important to remember that the Sisterhood of Elune is the governing body. Night elf society is governed under a theocratic government in which the members of the Sisterhood serve not only as spiritual leaders, but magistrates and government officials on behalf of their people. Expect politics, diplomacy, combat training as well as spiritual enlightenment to be a part of their training.

Below, I’ll share some additional reading that may be of use to you.

Good luck! :crescent_moon:

Roleplay Guides

All the World’s a Stage: So you want to be a night elf : A brief guide that takes a look into the life of night elves and offers pointers for roleplay. Written by David Bower.

A Night Elf Roleplaying Guide : An indepth guide to night elves, including references to canon lore and citations. This guide was originally written by Melyria of Moon Guard, but has been updated and maintained by Feyawen of Wyrmrest Accord.

All the World’s a Stage: So you want to be a Priest : A brief guide to roleplaying the various priest classes in World of Warcraft. Written by David Bower.

A Guide to RP Healing : A guide that offers suggestions on how to roleplay a healer, how to add flavor to healing magic in role-play, and most importantly, how to keep magical healing from becoming a two-second cure-all that ruins role-play by making all injuries trivial to cure.

Elune: An article by wowpedia on lore pertaining to Elune.

Headcanon Articles

The following are headcanon (fanon / fan-made) articles that may also be of use to you. Please do not cite them as canon lore.

Archive of the Moon [Priestess Spellbook]

Council of the Moon [Sisterhood Hierarchy]

Blessings of the Night Warrior [Elunarian Rituals]


I love this. In our Guild I’m the first one to play a Priestess. And I’m RPing her as being sent to be the liaison between the guild and the political side of the Kaldorei. My character was born a bit after the Sundering and was sent to Val’Sharah’s temple to serve there until Tyrande returned there. That’s when my character returned to Kalimdor with her. But as one of the guilds first Priestess I feel like IC a lot maybe asked of me with her, just trying to find a good spot to be in. Those headcannon articles really helped.

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As one of the few priestesses in your guild, your character may occasionally be asked to perform rites or offer hymns or prayers. Writing some of your own in advanced, in preparation for certain occasions, can go a long way to keep you prepared for roleplay of that nature. I, for one, am not that great at coming up with prayers or the like off-the-cuff and it helps me a great deal to have a small book to reference as needed.

Simple prayers to consider might be:

  • Blessings (for individuals, groups - etc)*
  • Blessings for weapons or armor*
  • Moonrise (welcoming the moon) nightly prayers*
  • Pre-battle prayer
  • Prayer for healing (beseeching Elune for her healing moonlight)*
  • Prayer for cleansing corruption (to beseech Elune to purify something)*

More complex prayers might be:

  • Rite of Passage prayer (when a night elf earns their marks)
  • Last Rites (when a creature or ally dies)*
  • Battle Hymns (that call down the Night Warrior’s wrath)*
  • Songs of Mercy or Healing (to calm/soothe allies in the midst of suffering)*

The * signifies a prayer, song or hymn that draws upon a reference from the canon, or has been performed in the canon lore.

A final tool to help you get started with your own prayers: Compendium of Songs, Poems and Prayers (by various night elf players)

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Work on your basic Catholic nun template and remove the requirement (but not the option) for celibacy.