Priest Self Dispelling Sheep Instantly

Yes, he’s smarter then you obviously


Yes, using dispell to dispell magical debuffs seems like an intended use of the spell. He’s not breaking any rules as far as I’m aware.


Yes, it’s all part of the spell batching they shoe horned in to make Classic “feel authentic”.


Spell batching was one of the worst decisions they made for this game.
I have NEVER once heard someone say they’ve enjoyed it. I’m sure some idiot on here will claim “but i love it when me and another mage sheep each other, it’s hilarious!”


Yep, I do it nonstop on concussive shot, sheep, viper sting, and fear. yes…fear.

Spell batching is the stupidest mechanic ever. It should be removed.


Ironically, it was probably one of the most celebrated decisions for WoW classic. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

See for yourself.


Did not know this could be done, thanks for the tip! Hehehe!


Neither am I. Just wondering if this is intended in the game or not.

And every other mage that was trying to CC him.

Couldn’t agree more.

Months before the game was released. All those people had their rose tinted goggle on and didn’t realize the terrible decision that it has come to be. Most of them probably didn’t play on any pservers or realize what exactly they were asking for.

Spell batching is terrible in every way. It doesn’t make the game feel authentic, it makes it feel broken.


I would say this is not intended, more of a by product caused by batching.


Stop trying to sheep him, he wills top dispelling then.

I mean it seemed really weird that frost novas, counterspell silences, and sheeps didn’t work coming in from multiple mages. Dude just ran right by.

Nothing worked. I couldn’t even cheese it with a Counterspell Silence, he just dispelled the silence.

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That actually does seem weird, dispel magic shouldnt be able to get all of them off.

It was crazy, like I said only level 53 and just ran by slowing being burnt down.

He even dispelled my ignites instantly. But the crazy part is the Silence imo, he just timed dispels perfectly to nullify 90% of my abilities.

Is he all by himself? Or are there other people near by? Some players run dispel bots now, be you can play around this actually by spamming him so he is forced to dispel, in turn running him hard OOM.

That’s if he’s botting, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you just found a cheating player.

To answer the question, it may have been possible in vanilla but thing is I kinda doubt it because after a certain patch point you could not self dispel unless you were already debuffed first.

So I suspect a cheat or broken game mechanics or both.

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Just a Dwarf Priest by his lonesome against 4-5 Mages. Doesn’t seem right from the sounds of it.

Yeah seems a bit fishy, there was a certain Paladin in AB a coup weeks back I think who dispelled me constantly like near as I was getting debuffed or dot on me, and I strongly doubt he was that good because he was cleansing everyone near by like that. It was a little too perfect.


Maybe it’s the new kickbot addons but for dispels!

Honestly? Unless you can prove he was botting somehow, it sounds like he was pretty danged skilled. See mage casting, hit dispel. Time it right and it cancels. As a warlock, I would have hit him with a Death Coil, since it is instant cast. If dispel has a cast time, then Curse of Tongues would be useful, too, in order to disrupt his timing.

It was celebrated only because people continually underestimate how totally incompetent Blizzard is.


Honestly spell batching is so horribly implemented it should be scrapped.

When my pet loses aggro on a mob and I use intimidation (an instant spell with 100 yd range) it won’t go off until the mob runs all the way over and hits me.

I won’t even go into the complete craziness I experience on my mage. I’m sure you’ve heard it all.