Priest or Shaman or Druid main?


outside of dungeons I don’t think shaman tanks will be a viable actual thing.


That is sad…I’d love to see another Shaman main tank some raids just like the old days.

It may have just been our group that did it, but our tank was a beast. lol


Haha I’ve heard legends, one can hope with the new knowledge going back who knows what can happen :slight_smile:


Oh the legends are true!!

My best memory is when AQ 40 opened…our Shaman tank HATED that one!!

Oh…I remember raging when some of the newbies in the guild got us wiped on the Twins…oh man. I really do hope we see some Shaman raid tanks again. :slight_smile: We can hope!


I’m having the same exact dilemma! Love priest but want to try end-game shaman.

(Turbocharged) #25

Shaman was my third class in Vanilla.

I have always loved the class but…for a pure 5man/raid healer, Id probably just go Priest. Even as resto in vanilla, I remember having problems getting groups. Such a shame, since the utility is out of this world.


Yea the more I think about it the more appealing priest sounds but druids are my hidden love for as long as I’ve played, so I enjoy shamans will probably level one as my 3rd 60 if i have the time, so priest or druid is the next dilema lol, druids convenience factors for 5 mans is amazing the mobility is a huge +, but not super great heals / no rez and little utility is whats holding me back, and in pvp outside of Fc they aren’t suuuper great. So still priest looks like the better choice just druids are a long time love

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I suspect you are remembering wrong.

There was no point at which shaman were a truly viable raid main tank.

I tanked dungeons, and that was totally doable, but not raids; most I ever tanked in raids was trash.

(Aeroliets) #28

Especially not as late as AQ40 lol

(Aryxymaraki) #29

Actually, IIRC, some of the AQ40 bosses would have been doable, since they did lesser damage as a tank-split thing or dealt primarily/totally magic damage.

You never would have made it through the T1 raids (Ony/MC), though.


Updated title, mainly between priest/druid

(Xianmisuto) #31

For heals id day back in vanilla


I think priest is the way to go for you. They are very versatile healers and viable in both pve and pvp as heals or dps. They also are the only healer with special racials. A lot of them are quite useful (except nelf… lulz @ starshards). Priests have a HOT (like druids), a shield (like Pallies), an AOE (like Shaman), and the typical direct heals. Fade is also extremely useful.

Druids are essentially one-button healers. 90% of their healing will be casting various ranks of healing touch. Personally I find this playstyle boring. Also, their utility has diminishing returns, unlike the other healers. Once the raid has things on farm, innervate and brez are no longer needed much.


Sorry to say, no I am not. I’m still in contact with my friend who ran the Shaman tank…and he did tank Ony, he perferred that. He hated AQ40.

We found AQ40 much harder then Ony believe it or not. o.o


(Aryxymaraki) #34

Either he remembers wrong or it wasn’t progression, then.

I mean, a priest tanked Onyxia at one point in Vanilla, in a raid with 39 other priests. If you went into it already outgearing it, it would have been possible. But it would not have been possible to do in first progression with everyone in pre-raid blues for the vast majority of raids, and it wouldn’t have been worth it for anyone.


Yea, first progression he wasnt, but after a month in…he was better geared then the warrior in our guild. The warrior quit due to RL, and our shaman became the main tank.

Yes…and he was ticked when blizz killed that. lol

I don’t remember how they killed it, I was a hunter not a shammy, but he asked me to help power level his warrior so he could tank again. XD

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I don’t know how they killed it either as a shaman can get upwards of 500+ tps from talents and MC weapon alone. Of course, it was never supported in the first place.

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Well shadow felt great when leveling mind flay seemed really good against enemies that were red and resisted your spells. I was able to complete a quest in hillsbrad that I had to fight a red strong unique enemy and it saved me and kept me from running out of mana from all the resisting.

I think priest may be more superior in most categories to shaman, but I am not sure.

Traveling as shaman would indeed be superior with astral recall.

Druid would probably be superior in wpvp then both and solo and bgs do to their stealth/humantracking and play styles.

Cons of being a druid would be your raid armor sets support healing more.
Priest con slow in combat
Shaman con ghost wolf is castable and can be dispelled.

Druid pro shapeshifting allows you to remove slow and travel form is fast and gives druids the ability to survive through shapeshifting stealth/tank frenzy reg and stun, they also have,moonfire,root dps cc, sleep beasts/dragons, in combat res, invertate and tranquility.
Priest pro mind control, aoe fear,racial spells,shadow form looks great while mounted, and the ability to see what others do if you have them targeted.
Shaman pro ghost wolf speed boost, 2 hearths, self res, unique shocks,chain lightning, and totem utility.


Shamans are epic winners. Everyone loves you for your totems and chain heals. Plus you get to be on the awesome Horde faction with winners.

The choice is clear, friend.


Thanks for a detailed answer, I think I’m leaning most towards preist but liek Isaid druids are my baby and it’s super hard to not want to roll one lol, a great playstyle just idk, feels like it can fall behind, but feral being a semi-viable option is niiice to me. Long term I think priest is where it’ll be at, cause shadow is also semi-viable for pve, a monster in pvp, just ugh. so many things to consider lol I’m a bad alt-o-hol and I dont wanna level up a bunch of things