Priest Feedback P4 PTR

Shadow Priest Tier 1 Set
The 2 set is NOT popular and is a huge let down. Shadow Priests don’t want their set to be about using flash heal.

Suggested change: Damaging yourself with Shadow Word: Death causes your pets to enrage, increasing their damage dealt by ___ for 15 sec.


Suggested change: Your spell critical strikes reduce the cooldown of your Shadow Fiend by 3 sec.

Spirit of Redemption Rune is still completely unusable (And has been since it came out)
→ Change it into a rune that makes Lightwell expend a charge/heal a target whenever you heal, and when the lightwell expires it sends out a final wave of healing/holy damage.
→ Or change it into a Smite priest rune…because no one is using this.

New Cloak Runes: Soul Warding/Binding Heal are a little meh. I’d wish they added another rune that’s different to add something interesting to the healing rotation.

Also…would love some Smite Priest runes thrown in, will share these ideas again in the hopes but yeah.

Zealotry - Bracers rune
Your damaging Holy spells consume a charge of Inner Fire to deal bonus damage equal to your total Spirit. In addition, your Smite ability refreshes Holy Fire’s damage-over-time effect.

Spirit of Reprobation - Boots rune
Enemies that die within 15 yards of you are purged, causing a Holy Nova at their corpse. Upon death, become the Spirit of Reprobation for 10 sec. While in this form, you can cast any damaging spell free of cost, but you cannot heal, move, be attacked, or be targeted by any spells or effects. Requires Spirit of Redemption talent and you can no longer be resurrected during combat.

Archangel - Helm rune
Surrender to a higher power for 25 seconds, increasing your spell critical strike chance and casting speed by 20%. During this time your healing and Shadow damage dealt are reduced by 50%, but you can cast Smite while moving. (6 minute cooldown)

Chastise - Cloak rune
Chastise the target, dealing Holy damage and converting your next Shadow Word: Pain into a sacred censure that deals Holy damage over 18 sec. (10 second cooldown)

Evangelism - Belt rune
Casting Smite, Holy Fire, or Holy Nova grants you Evangelism for 20 sec. Evangelism increases the damage done by those spells by 5% and reduces their mana cost by 5%. Stacks up to 5 times.

Sanctimonium - Chest rune
Your Holy Nova and Holy Fire deal 100% increased damage, and Holy Fire’s damage-over-time component stacks up to 10 times.

Thanks for all the work Blizzard and hope you get some good ideas/feedback from everyone!