Priest Dispels

Why is there so many buttons for Dispel on the Priest.

Purify, Dispel and Mass Dispel. Why not combine them all into one Mass Dispel 10sec cd.

Just Make Mass Dispel, remove magic from enemy, depuff from allies and disease.

Its just so much clutter.

Also a lot of the priest healing spells are cluttered and do absolutely nothing.

like what’s the point of Holy Word Serenity?

Out of all the classes I played priest Feels the worst with soo much clutter and useless spells. Do any of you priest mains feel the same?

Priest specs have a bloat issue right now for sure. You have to press a lot more buttons in specific orders under specific circumstances to do what other classes are doing with less GCDs.

And they want to give us 5 more talent points lol…

I haven’t played my priest since Vanilla and dang I feel bad for you guys probably the worst class by far in term of bloating and play.

Most of the spells are very identical and make no sense.

These all have very different uses across the game. Mass/purify on a 10s is all you need if what you do is dungeons, I guess, but putting a CD on dispel magic in PvP wouldn’t be great.

Also dropping mass dispel’s cooldown massively has a lot of game-reaching implications, too. This is very much a balance concern.

This is not the one you wanna get rid of. Serenity is like one of Hpriest’s best heals by far, and most the spec is based around it, sanctuary and salv. The holy word system is honestly one of the better healing systems in the game IMO when it comes to flow.

The bloat is more heal vs flash heal.


You can just make a macro for purge and dispel such as

/cast [help] Purify; [harm] Dispel Magic
/cast [@player] Purify

or make it a mouseover if you want. That makes it one button. I suppose it could just be one button that does offensive dispel too but blizzard doesn’t do things that way.

In Vanilla when I played the Priest the most in raiding Dispel Magic worked defensively and offensively. Now its completely 2 different spells and just clutter.

Also Leap of Faith - Should make your target free of all roots. If you cast LOP on a rooted target it does nothing. In HOTS Anduins LOP frees you just like having Blessing of Freedom on you plus the pull.

The Priest class just has too many issues it was a turn off for me. And most of it is due to bad design compared to other classes. Priests can be much better than they are right now.

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At one point, priests used to be able to cure poison as well as the current diseases. It was a great time to be a priest because you could easily neuter assassin rogues in pvp. Those were definitely the golden days for holy priests.

I think many still get confused on exactly what the priest dispel / cure disease is meant to do. For “shadow priests” many players see the dispel magic and think it can remove magic from themselves as well as enemy players. That’s not the case. Only holy (and I think disc) can dispel magic from themselves.

Seems like unnecessary confusion to me. Just let all priests have the same dispel mechanics.

Well back then dispelling friendly players didn’t have a cd and removed one debuff at a time, meaning the effects were functionally the same and could be done by the same spell.

Now defensive dispels remove all debuffs and have a cooldown, whilst offensive dispels remove one at a time and have no cooldown.

You can’t just roll those two back into one.

That explains a lot actually.

They have a single target dispel
They have an aoe dispel that removes debuffs/buffs that are normally not removable by any class
They have a purge that removes buffs from enemies

These are all vastly different from one another and are all required.

I wish these abilities would have a colored border so we can see which “extra abilities” can be dispelled with Mass D. ( similar to how normal buffs have that white border that we can dispel/purge )

On topic: Each does it’s own thing, read the tooltips or look above for advice. Also you are not forced to take mass dispel now so dont if you dont want to, but it is a pretty strong ability to have in dungeons and raids when needed, or a second dispel if the ST one if on CD. ( and im not sure what else youd spend the talent point on getting to the next tier anyways unless you want to trade in more dps )

Back in vanilla dispel didnt remove diseases. You had abolish disease and dispel. now we have purify and dispel. its still the same thing.