Priest and Flash heal

I am honestly lost for words on the recent dev post. It’s literally repeating history and reliving past mistakes.

I just hope at least flash heal is addressed.
Idk how they want to approach it, but it needs to be strong for shadow spec and Disc’s Sync loss with talents has to be addressed.

I can only truly speak for shadow. So anyone else can leave their thoughts for the other specs.

Be forewarned, I speak for PVP only on my suggestions.

I believe your spec should decide on how flash heal will function. So if you are shadow spec, Flash heal will draw upon the shadow side to enhance its power. Just like how penance can do that but still remain a light spell school.

So flash heal still remains light school but is stronger due to shadow’s dark side enhancing it. Bringing it to the same strength as shadowend. (con side) Since its draws on the powers of shadow, it will Dmg the player over time.

Maso talent - Protective light now.
Fix – Allow this spell to apply a free renew on targets as well. This brings back the overtime healing.

For shadow, call it shadowy Renew. Again drawing back on the powers of the shadow to improve its healing capabilities and reverse the negative dmg over time effect.

So this solves 3 things.
It keeps the spell in light school.
It brings back shadowmed basically without button bloat.
it brings back its power without making it too strong for holy.

Now it doesn’t have to be this. I just made this up in a few seconds. But yeah something just has to be done, idk what but just don’t leave it like this. I can’t stan to see this trashy flash heal.

7 cast total to go from 0 to barely 70 percent and oom (no crits). RIP PVP.


something needs to be done for pvp quick, it mind blowing just how little the wow dev running priest know about pvp


Pretty much, i def won’t play this class with this current flash heal iteration thats for sure.

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I mean - tuning can bring it into a good spot for shadow. Literally just aura buff flash heal by 100% and bam, it’s better than Smend for you guys. And if you get kicked you’re not locked out of the rest of your shadow spells. So it’s actually an upgrade there.

The problem is more dual-spell school for Disc.


If they single it out for shadow Maybe. depends on how much they buff it.
not to mention the new Maso passive sucks in comparison as well.

The main issue with straight up buffing flash heal is holy spec unless they give shadow a specific buff that only affects the spec and it has to be huge.

As someone who got knight captain i think it was in season 1. I think disc will miss empowered radiance a lot even in bgs. I think empowered pws will be nice, prob more so in arena but i feel rapture being gimped will be felt in rbgs since i was a fan of raptureing with trinity then arch angel to extend my atoenemnts and get some good healing out of them.

Im glad to be keeping mind games in pvp. I felt it was a lot of fun and a good way to focus fire healers and have them kill themselves.

Renew will def add to our healing in rbgs, penance will be friggin awesome. 7 bolt penances will be a godsend in ST healing.

Void tendrils will give us some nice control. I didnt mind shining force but outside eye of the storm etc it wasnt that good.

I do think we should have shadowmend back and either have both OR choose which we want to be using.

Im interested in having prayer of mending back to for keys and power word life will def have some uses

I use shaining force like 20 times a dungeon.

Its great for positioning mobs, moving them out of sanguine, getting adds off of you. Its a knockback thats castable on other people as well. Its amazing for necrotic weeks, or when a spiteful shade is killing a dps and the dps wont move. Theres hundreds of reasons to use shining force. It was the default talent choice on that row for me and losing it will be a huge hit.

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mate… you must have missed the fact it was a more of a pvp post not a key post…

I did miss that, i dont pvp often, but i still use it in pvp a lot when i do play bgs. I think a lot of my points still apply. Its great for repositioning people, its good for peeling off yourself, and you can cast it in other players/healers to get players off of them.

Beyond that theres lots of places that you can knock people off cliffs. They may not die like in eots but they still get yeeted far away from you basically saving you.

I disagree, Shining Force is also great for Arathi Basin when you’re fighting at Lumber Mill. Shining Force can be good in Deepwind Gorge at Quarry and Shrine where you can knock people off of those plateaus. It is also ok for knocking people away from a flag drop in Warsong Gulch (oh yeah, good for roof there too) and Twin Peaks (where you can also yeet people off of the map on the East side). You can knock people out of carts (and sometimes into water) in Silvershard Mines, and knock people away from base flag caps in Arathi Basin and Battle for Gilneas. If you’re observant you can also knock people into offensive aoe fields and out of defensive aoe fields (like dome or AMZ). Shining Force also had a 70% movement speed reduction for a few seconds so that the priest could get at least a brief respite from people or pets etc…

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It’s def a good pick for bgs. People tend to overly focus on arena when they hear ‘pvp’ :man_shrugging:

Edit: might be fair as highly competitive pvp and competition is mostly in arenas but that doesn’t mean you can’t balance bgs.