Previous CE 227 Ret LF Raiding Guild

What I’m looking for
Semi-Hardcore raiding guild that has goals of achieving CE or at least pushing for it. Non-toxic and drama free. Big plus if active outside of raid with M+/PvP.
Availability any day and anytime as long as raids end before 10:30pm est.
Previous experience
7/7M EN
10/10M NH
3/3M ToV
8/9M ToS
11/11M Antorus
6/12M Nya Came back mid tier then quit
Current experience: 10/10N came back 2 weeks ago then decided to level ret up last week after raiding on warrior

About me
I’m not the greatest raider when it comes to mechanics but I’m not gonna die by the same mechanic more than once or twice during progression. I constantly strive to improve my Mechanics/dps after every raid night through logs. Willing to play any melee outside of feral.
Discord is best way to reach me and is IAmStrykr#7942