Preview of 10.1.5 Changes for Holy paladin

Can’t wait to test it. But lazy on the mastery.


I dont think the mastery is lazy at all, we get beacon of the lightbringer now. basically solves our issue with that entirely, can take it when we need it. absolutely insane.

these changes are wild, glimmer will be an actual playstyle now. Straight up what i wanted after bfa, i cant even explain how pumped i am to see this. Also some great talents syncing up caster and melee together as a playstyle rather than separate

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If you need a talent to make the mastery work, the mastery is not working.
I wish LOD is not a cone anymore, could be nice make it easier to target instead of the frontal cone. You always need to packed a bit behind, or turn around if you’re melee to target most players


disagree completely, it is a way for us to interact directly with our mastery. We didnt -need- rol to make it work for example, but it allowed us to take direct control over it. It is a pretty cool interactive mastery overall, and i think this makes it completely fine

This is real?? I haven’t checked the PTR notes yet.

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Man these are some huge improvements. I’ll provide deeper thoughts later.

Do you have link/source?

EDIT: Dragonflight Fractures in Time PTR Development Notes

To me the mastery should be beneficial no matter which build you take. It’s an embodiment of your spec core gameplay. If I need a talent to make it work with my build, I don’t think it’s good. I understand it provides a bit of control in the sense of am I close of the persons I heal to get the most of it, but usually it depends on the fight, and it feels wasted when you can’t or don’t know where are the persons taking damage.


Our mastery is not to have a talent to make it better, also wasting a point, and forced to get to crusader strike choice node. I get your excited but smh.

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I mean use your head a little lol, you ‘waste’ points to make plenty of your baseline abilities better. Spending a point on increasing mastery range is completely fine, especially with where it is in the current tree. Lightbringer placement will be semi important too in raid situations specifically on bosses that split the raid into multiple groups. Our mastery is fine, it was a big problem when we had no way of dealing with its negative effects, I have spent plenty of time here making posts about our problems. This is a fine solution and its not a talent we’re forced into, just an option to pick on spread fights or in pvp, or heavy ranged m+ groups potentially if it will be worthwhile there. It wont be taken 100% of the time because we have actual options with the new trees in general especially now with our new one

Oh i want to edit this too: Lightbringer works differently from the past, in legion it was only a single beacon as you had to choose between that or faith, and most of the time you picked faith. Now lightbringer is its own talent, so you can pick faith and get mastery coverage across the raid. When you think a little, its actually quite cool

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Was not expecting this many changes. That random 3% dmg/healing nerf seemed like they just wanted to use a psychological trick to lower expectations before coming out with notes. Anyways, tinfoil hat aside, I’ve gone back and forth between “wow, awesome” and “but why?” in these notes.

More positive than negative though, so ultimately I just need to try it. I had written off holy in favor of ret forever, but maybe I just missed devs communicating that this was the plan.

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We had 0 communication on it. I do know that our dev left during the beta cycle which is likely why our tree sat like this for so long. My best guess is someone came in and took over at some point and were just waiting to finalize everything before releasing it. But we had radio silence in terms of hpal fixes until now

I’m saying just make Lightbringer the mastery instead of making it a talent.


I mean i guess you could, I don’t think it really matters much either way though. The talent is in a good spot, meaning you grab it when you want it and drop it when you don’t. I like choices like that and also having options like that in the tree itself. I’m not against making it work baseline like that, but I’m also completely fine with being able to pick it in the tree

Ahh ok, thanks.

You could also make glimmer the mastery, because now it’s in 2nd row and it’s kind of mandatory


Lightbringer does nothing to fix the mastery for melee. Just get rid of it. The rest of the changes look fine but the mastery remains the biggest glaring weakness of this rework.


Just get rid of Holy Power please Blizzard, otherwise these changes are looking pretty good.

I’d like to see Bestow Faith return, but as a passive for Holy Shock.

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I’m a bit sad that the new Evoker spec is about buffing allies, and that we don’t have anything like that in that build while it has been in the core paladin fantasy with its blessings


so if i heal someone with beacon they will get full mastery value? May as well just remove it as it has 0 interaction now

if this takes us from melee and into even the slightest bit of casting I reroll to dps

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