<Pretty Standard> [4/10M 10/10H] 9PM-12 Sat+Sun Mythic Recruiting (Priest/Druid Healer + 1 RDPS needed)

[H] 9PM-12 Saturday+Sunday Mythic + Optional Friday

Pretty Standard is a Zul’Jin Horde mythic progression guild looking to push progression and have fun in Shadowlands! We have been raiding together since Mists of Pandaria, taking breaks at the end of Legion and BFA, so some of our raiders have been playing together for years, however we have added a lot of new players for Shadowlands as well.

Our core team is eager to push progression in Shadowlands, we plan on attempting to get Cutting Edge every tier, however since we are a mostly new group for shadowlands our raid team its possible that it may take us some time to reach that goal.

Current Recruitment Needs
Currently Pretty Standard is in need of a good WARLOCK. Additionally we could use a main spec healer with a DPS offpsec. However we are always accepting applications from skilled players.

Raid Times + Optional Day
We raid Saturday+Sunday from 9 PM - 12 AM server time (EST) plus an optional FRIDAY raid at the same time. We plan to use the optional day to clear farm/trial new players most of the time. Very occasionally we may call for all core raiders to come to the optional day for the first or last 2 weeks of a raid tier, to help gear at the start of the tier and push for cutting edge if we are close at the end.

Raid Atmosphere
We like to have a good time in comms while we raid, however everyone on our team understands that progression comes first. We all play to have fun, and we are not having fun if we are not making steady progress in the raid and being sufficiently challenged, that means every raider is expected to carry their own weight, research their class, and do their weekly out-of-raid chores to maximize their performance and most importantly, be open to constructive feedback.

If you are interested in joining, please post below, add a recruitment officer on discord and send a message:

Recruitment Officers: Add one or all on Discord/Btag
Btag: Flickk#1706
Discord: Flick#1475

Btag: N1trogen#1557
Discord: N1trogen#5602

Pretty Standard has hit the ground running at the start of shadowlands. As a brand new group on a limited schedule we achieved 1/10 M and 8/10 Herroic (Sludgefist down \o/) this week; and we are just getting started.

Come join us!

Still looking for a ballin warlock

Still pushing content and having fun. Could use a few more blasters for our core team. Add us on discord!

Currently in need of a priest or druid healer with a dps offspec. (Or DPS with healer offspec)

Could use a blaster boomkin, come kill some bosses with us

Need a boomkin or ele shaman

Sun King is down and our poor shadow priest is still playing healer spec. HEALERS PLS APPLY!

Still LFM. Hit us up

Are you guys in need of a tank by chance?? As a fill in or just for H