Preserve the "spirit" of the game. (AH Issue)

Games don’t have spirit. They aren’t alive and never were.

They are also lacking in heart and soul.

The spirit of wow is addiction lol

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This may be the dumbest thing i’ve ever read on these forums. and that’s saying alot. You only need 2 thorium bars to get something crafted? Too bad, you have to buy a full stack of 20 cause nobody can auction them in smaller stacks. Want to sell the extra 18? Too bad, it’s not a full stack.


All they would have to do is limit how many AH items you can post in an hour. Even if you made it 50, that would stop or slow down most of these single stack people. Or, just don’t buy from them and pay the extra 1 copper they mark down to the next lister.

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id like to see a limit on how many auctions you can have period.

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There is no way that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever read on these forums.

But, yeah, that is a bad idea.

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Just use TSM, best auction addon you can use imo.

but but but i dont want that solution, i want a completely arbitrary one that blizz has to give me specifically :frowning:

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LOL all I can say is lol; while we are at it can we upgrade the forum so that people who have problems with single item posts can’t post topics too lol

We have one guy (100% a gold seller) somehow with THOUSANDS of items posted. He’s the first 500-600 items of every mat.

I just use an addon that searches by lowest buyout so I dont see that spam

Auction house add-ons let you sort by buyout price but they don’t solve the massive lag issues created by single-item spam. It can take up to 15-20 mins to but cloth on the AH on Mankrik because the add-on has to scan everything before you can buy, it really is an issue.

I don’t think trading one major inconvenience for another (like limiting what can be sold individually) is the right solution, but perhaps they could create an automated system to detect AH spamming or something along these lines.

That was added a day before this was posted. Sort is by buyout by default now. Lets be real, nobody bids unless they are trying to get something cheap with an accidentally low bid price.

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basically you wanted the old game back because it was so much better well here you are deal with it end of story or you could just go back to retail since the majority playing tbc want that.

Sort by buyout isn’t even working half the time.

Have you… never used the AH in this game?

Remove the cross-faction function, and retail’s AH API would almost certainly solve 90% of the problems we are having now.

AH addons don’t fix anything, the AH is specifically coded to have a set delay between pages in searches.

AH searching taking 10+ minutes is not part of TBC.

YOU go back to retail.

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