<Presence> [H] - Bigglesworth Thurs/Fri 6-9 Server Time

[H] - Bigglesworth
Is a semi-hardcore casual raiding guild looking to recruit new members. We recently lost several raiders to real life events (happy events, new jobs, promotions etc.) and need to fill those voids.


  • Phase 2: 6/10
  • Phase 1: 3/3

Raid Schedule:
Weekly 25 man Raid - Thurs & Friday @ 6:00-9:00pm ST.

Loot System
We use a BIS>MS with a bit LC to prioritize some loot as needed to benefit the raid. For example, if tank threat is an major issue we might prioritize a piece to help the tank generate better threat so DPS can pump their brains out.

We have a loot sheet published with class priorities listed and it is certainly not set in stone.

What we expect
• Consistent Attendance
• A heads up is absent so we can back fill
• Some basic knowledge of fight mechanics
• Consumes (we try to provide as many consumes for the raid as possible each week)
• Gear Gemmed and Enchanted

Our raid spots honestly will go to those with the most consistent attendance and are more than happy to help players get gear they need and give advice to help boost their performance.

Simply put we would prefer a player who shows up every week ready to raid, who wants to improve over someone who presses their buttons really well but can’t be depended on.

Current Classes Needed:


  • Enhance Shaman
  • Ele Shaman
  • Holy Priest

We welcome anyone interested to reach out to us, if that be one person or a group of people looking for a new guild home.

For more information, to apply, or just to say hello join our Discord: FvFRdfpeYR

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