Pres Evoker (Declining): What happened to Solo Shuffle ~10 Days ago?

I was knocking on 1600 with my Pres Evoker and all of a sudden, I started losing every solo shuffle night after night. Now I can barely keep 1000. I’m not high or drunk lol. WTH happened? This started about 7 days ago. Last week’s high was 1555+ but later in the week it really started going down hill for some reason. Now I’m like 990.

I’ve tried different builds, different strats, etc.

I’ve played since 2006. I’m quitting solo shuffle and don’t really have anything else to do in this game. =\

Please help me understand if there was a change and I missed it.

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Unfortunately I don’t know enough about dragon to tell you any of that, but I can tell you sometines it’s head games and self fulfilling prophecies.

Try taking a break a little bit and jump into some skirmishes or random bgs.
Just play a little for fun sometimes you’ll get your groove back pretty quickly after that.

Also you could always try some 2’s as well


Have you considered playing high? It might help.



That can’t be that big though

Spyros are good against melee. Melee nerfed, ranged buffed. Less melee, more ranged. Spyros are weaker vs ranged.


Could be gear? Mine is in honor gear and doesn’t do too much damage. I think they go crit/haste and take damage talents. Also a good strat vs disc teams is to remove them from the game. Just run at them and put them in a sleep walk and then knock them back into a root. If they dispel the root just slow them. Repeat when you can on goes. Also living flame got buffed quite a bit so use that more often

Disc is really slow and not mobile and melee will run across the map leaving the disc behind oftentimes. cc’ing them and slowing them can win matches

Discipline Priests.


Disc priests.

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Probably that 5% nerf and disc priests being totally broken, they should be nerfed soon id imagine… keep your head up take a couple days off until vault day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Most likely it was when they rightfully nerfed Pres Evokers and buffed other healers.

Essentially they ended the free feel good trial for Pres Evokers.

Pretty much prior to that you could heal by pressing any keybind you wanted and it didn’t matter.

Why do you post this like they didnt get a buff to Living flame and Verdant in the same go

Idk man I recently got 4 pc, was like half blues last week and feel unstoppable this week

They asked what changed that would help explain their rating drop.

They’re probably not using Living Flame to heal, because it was really bad.

And Verdant Embrace’s net 14% buff doesn’t counteract the 5% nerf to EVERYTHING.

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Disc Priest is completely busted right now, so you’re probably running into many lobbies where the other healer is a Disc Priest.

Wait 2 weeks. Disc Priest nerfs will come. Then try again.

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it’s all mentality just stop lookin at the number and look at what specifically caused you to lose the game

the meta shifted a bit
a LOT less deathknights and ferals which means naturally there’s a LOT more wizards which can feel pretty bad

what did u do all of wod and bfa

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The number of High Exp players queueing and getting in RSS as a team with discord started going way up. aka BOOSTERS. Also players are saying that interrupt botting is on the rise also.

thats what I been hearing and reading so i dono…

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There’s been many changes that you’ll be feeling and some “fixes” that have hit prevokers quite abit.

  • Emerald Communion can no longer crit, the top your team button can now no longer top a single person being trained unless you have spread lifebind beforehand.

  • The ability to double echo spirit bloom was removed, loosing a GCD and a large heal here has hurt burst healing.

  • you can no longer cancelaura stasis to dispel yourself out of CC.

  • Dream projection CD and healing was reduced and made purgable.

The recent buffs to living flame can’t really be felt without having the 4 set and it was quite easy to fall behind in the HPS game without it.

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Good evos needed a nerf

They’re called lizards.

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