Premades should play, exclusively, against premades

Taking their ability to dodge is a small fix, but doesnt solve everything.

Also, the dodging solution of not seeing against who you’re playing may be bugged. You can see, for a millisecond at least as a PUG.


No, pre-mades should be matched with the next 10 available players whether they’re a pre-made or not.

That’s how it worked in vanilla and changing this is far too much of a compromise.

Deal with the meta.


If premades are only matched with premades they aren’t the most efficient way to get honor anymore.

It would kill premades, and you know that, so why are you proposing this?

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OP, you’re saying skilled players should only play vs skilled players? geared players should only play vs geared players?

nothing will ever be fair in pvp - EVER - just dont pvp if you’re looking for a homogenized everyone’s equal kind of experience - cheese and rice bro, cheese and rice.

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I’m just happy to see “spying” fixed. As a pugger, I expect to face premades… this is an MMO after all.

No thanks , no easy mode for PuG’rs to get gear please , either make friends or go grind your AV

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I hope it’s actually fixed.


Actually…the core of the game is centered around playing with a bunch of different people and classes working together. So I’d say premade anything is the core of the game and PuGs were created to cater to the left over players


Killing premades for honor per hour min max grinders is not the same thing as killing premades.

A good game is not one that is balanced around min-maxers. That’s how you get retail. Where everything is designed around min max players and spreadsheet simulator is the name of the game.


I mean, it can work. But only if honor is turned off for pugs


Then you don’t belong here to be quite frank. Go play retail.


Taking away the min max players ability to play the game the way they want to is no different than taking a casual players way of playing the game away…

Why is it acceptable to impact one specific group of players with a change just because you don’t agree with that play style?

The case can be made that any player in the game has the potential to impact the world and players around them, so to point at the fact that the min maxers have a greater impact is just highlighting the worst case scenarios…


It does no such thing. And I wouldnt want it to. By definition a min-maxer just finds the optimal way to play the game for themselves. Changing the optimal way does not remove anything, they find the new optimum and continue along their merry way.

What does kill the game is rendering it unplayable for people who dont want to minmax.


You are super super rude in your responses…

It seems odd to subscribe to a game you know is going to largely exist as a museum piece with all resorts leaning towards no changes and then for you to expect and demand changes and to not understand that a majority of the player base went into this game knowing there would be minimal to no changes…

I mean what are you trying to do here and why are you banging your head against this wall? Go find a game that appeals to you instead of trying to bend an existing game to your liking…

What a scrub

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Ok. Then you need to respect what vanilla was because that’s what Classic is supposed to be.

And I’d suggest you take a moment to review the forum code of conduct page if you value your forum priveledges. I personally don’t care how you conduct yourself here. But you’re on a fast track to a suspension, just so you know.

For calling you a elitist prick? Completely worth it. It’s what you are after all.


This is the obvious solution to anyone who isn’t either unskilled and simply winning bc they are in a premade or so deluded with nonsense nostalgia that they can’t face the fact that changing minor elements of gameplay will actually make the game MORE like classic, not less. When I’m pugging playing premades is miserable. When I’m in a premade having the other team have no chance is miserable.

Every other game has done this… They should make the change.


The game hasn’t been rendered unplayable for anyone…unplayable means you literally can not play the game. That’s not the case. What is the case and the common complaint is that players are not able to play the game the way they expect it to be played. Players EXPECT to win a BG every once in a while. Players EXPECT to not get Gabked 6 times at a flight path. Players EXPECT that when they are stealth absolutely no one is paying attention Tj the combat log let alone have a spy addon that reads this combat log…

However these players expectations are just that and nothing more than personal beliefs about how they think the game should be played. However it’s a shared server with common rules governing all player actions. Within that structure, any given player is allowed to take any sanctioned actions including being extremely good at pvp with 9 friends to support them and face off against some random PuGs


Then may the winds guide you, friend.