Premades killing the game

I know this is a dead horse.

Alliance premading made AV unbearable, so Blizz modified queues to fix it.
Alliance premading now makes AB/WSG unbearable.

People say, go get your own premade. But, I’m looking for fun/competitive games. The most fun games are PuG vs. PuG. Right now, I queue 20 minutes for a 90% chance to get steamrolled 0-3 or 5 capped. Honestly, I think I’m quitting the game finally. I’ll come back in TBC when the META isn’t BGs and I can actually enjoy pvp gain.

Maybe blizzard will step in and fix this. I doubt it. The ONE thing I’ve wanted from blizzard is rated BGs with solo queue only. But nope, retail they even messed that up.


Too many posts like this. Honestly, a generic orc warrior leaving would make the game better by chipping away the massive faction imbalance.

Just had a guild member get his alt exalted in AV with 1 win. NA AV horde meta made it unbearable for Alliance because they drag out 30+min games to send overwhelming defense to kill anyone who passed the north choke so they give Alliance literally nothing. That is why we exclusively play AB and WSG with friends.


I think you should quit the game over it

so my login queue is shorter


narrative control is a thing

it just go both ways

You que as a pug and see lots of Ally premades, I que as ally pug and see tons of horde premades. What’s your point? People said that all bgs should be no more than 5 people allowed to que at once and also said to fix av map imbalance so ally can actually win a few of those. That leads to ally having to premade AB/WSG if they want to farm honor, congrats on pushing ally into 2 bgs.

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No, that wasn’t actually the case.

It was Horde NOT being able to group that made it unbearable, Blizzards fix just balanced in a way that Alliance got effected significantly more. Had both Horde and Alliance been able to group, or even raid, queue from the start, there never would have been an issue.

PUGs absolutely have a right to a fair and friendly PVP experience. Premades consistently make the game an unenjoyable experience. The solution is obvious and simple, which is to separate premades into their own queue and let pickup games persist. Blizzard, you need to wake up and respond to this issue; multiple threads in a week’s time indicate this is THE issue in the game right now.


It’d be nice if Blizzard actually did something about this.


So stop flogging it.

This is a viable solution to your problem.

Right cuz all the neckbeard types will be in arena. AV will be a pve race and people who don’t belong on pvp servers will still roll pvp server. Only to complain about said pvp hindering their pve content access.
Yup. The wheel keeps turning.

And yet still you beat it.

Go post in one of the other hundreds of threads and stop spamming the forums. Your take on the issue is not unique enough to warrant another thread.

It’s Blizzard’s game. In regards to WoW you don’t have a ‘right’ to anything.

it is known

Sorry dude, but Blizzard didn’t make any changes on the basis of unbearable. They fixed an exploit. Nothing more, nothing less.