Premades in WSG Result in Zero Honor/Rep

Welcome to WSG weekend, where I just had three games in a row, with three premades, and where my team earned zero HKs or flag returns, resulting in zero honor or reputation. Well I guess 398 honor from the marks. /sigh

All of these players were reported for cheating, firstly for premading and once over for farming the graveyard. This is intolerable. We need to ban / separate the premades immediately. EVERYONE report these individuals in every BG you encounter them. Let Blizzard know we consider this cheating.


this is an abuse of the report function and should be reported.


As stupid as the state of BGs is, reporting players for premading makes no sense. It won’t accomplish anything, and these systems are mostly automated. They aren’t “cheating”, they’re taking advantage of a poorly designed system. Premading exists beyond classic WoW, but the difference is that it’s not so prevalent that you very seldom get to play pug v. pug.

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speak the devil’s name…

Glinda looks like a tasty gnome snack. I’ll be eating gnome jerky for the next few hours while I farm Iron Ore to make nades with.

I always toss them at gnomes.

There is a difference between talking about things you like/dislike, things you want changed or don’t…and spamming the forum with the same thread multiple times a day while bumping every other topic with the same copy/paste response.

Here I am trying to get in some fair puggish PVP in the early morning hours, and the Horde premades are all over WSG at freaking 6 o’clock in the morning. WTF?

Wake up, Blizzard! Even Jesus is waking up today. At least open your eyes and see...

naming and shaming is not a nice thing to do.

Here’s the cliche…the only winning move is NOT to play.