Premades in bgs

I am sorry this is a issue now how can someone make a 8 person premade group and be able to grave camp and that be a fair match and have a few 70’s on there team at lower brackets too that just not fair


8 man ? that seems rare considering they would have to do a lot of work to all get in the same bg

What gave you the impression they were an 8 man


8 of them all from the same realm but 2 and according to other forums there a premade bug u can do

unless they all had the same guild name then no they were not a premade .

Trust me they where cause no matter how many bgs I have done and I have done alot never have I seen 8 people from the same realm in a bg and have 6 of them with over 200k+ hp and only 2 have 100k-150k

again unless you have ss proof of them all bein gin the same guild i find this hard to believe . I bg a lot myself and its rare that i vs the same 8 ppl if at all .

If you gear properly and play at the end of the bracket its normal.

Most people who know what they are doing in PvP do that. Doesn’t make them pre made.

I played nothing but bgs from 65-70 on a hunter, rotating bm and mm. I had the highest HP the majority of the time. I was sitting at around 320 ilevel if I remember right at about 67ish.

Towards the end I was getting 330-340 ilevel from pvp boxes.

Ive gotten matches where im paired with ramdoms like that and its a curb stomp everytime…

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Realms don’t even matter anymore though? I don’t remember the last time I interacted with someone on my own realm.


Ik u can gear like that the issue I had in the 10 years I been playing never once have I seen 8 people from the same realm ever on one side

I have countless times. Even from my own realm but we weren’t grouped. Some servers have more pvpers queuing. What realm was it?

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Sergaress I think is how it is slept I might be wrong

That is my realm and it has the highest alliance population esp for pvp . So ofc you might see more then 4 of them on the same team . It doesnt mean they are premades .

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I have vs alot of them over the past month and its the first time I have seen 8 of them on the same team. Premades are still bad in the game as is my point still stands wither way

think of my server like my old horde server illidan it just has very high population of players . And oh you are one of those people ok then but it still doesnt mean they are a premade kek

Wtf u mean by one of those cause I say premades are getting bad cause they are. So ig your one of those people who hate when it gets made so u can’t just farm one bg for honor for 20mins. Like don’t come at me cause I am staying a point that premades are becoming a issue

i solo q so no i dont do that . its the truth just because they are all on one server doesnt mean its automatically a premade . Are they all in the same guild yes or no ? like idk what else to tell you lol ive already explained what it could be . you never said an answer to if they all the same guild .

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You havent done a lot of bgs then

Tichondrius, stormrage, moonguard, illidan, sargeras commonly will have multiple people from the same server since those are the only high pop servers left with a significant amount of pvpers

You will never, ever see 8 random people from The Forgotten Coast in the same bg because it’s not a high pop pvp server. Same with a server like Guldan. Now if you saw 8 people from Guldan, yeah it’s 100% a premade

I’m from Stormrage, i’ve been in bgs where the entire alliance side is from Stormrage but i’ve never seen any one of them and they’re all in diff guilds and no one is playing together. It happens because Stormrage is a big server and i’m fairly certain the game tries to pair common servers together when it has the option to, maybe for latency reasons idk


Everything is cross-realm. I can be in a BG with 6 people from Tich without them being a premade.

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Yeah, very rare that Im in a game without at least one or two other Moon Guard people, but I only really solo queue and the others rarely seem to be grouped. Just the nature of there being a few big megaservers, but people still assume.

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