Premade Group Finder --- better search feature

Improve search function, there is too much to look through.

What is needed is a search function based on the M+ level. For instance, if the lowest level that would gear me is 9 and highest I feel comfortable with doing is 12, then I should be able to search for Mythic Dungeons 9-12. Or If I’m just wanting to do various M0’s I can search for those only, and not expect M10 and M20’s to trash the listing.

I think is already does something kind of like this. Because if I search “15” it will show me keys that say 14, 15, and 16. So I think when you search a number it shows anything one above or below that as well. However I agree, I think there could be some more customization to the search and listing function.

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It would be nice to blacklist certain terms too - I’d like to never see a listing in Group Finder that includes WTS in the title, or any URL in the description.

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Premade Group Filter addon.

yeah the search lookf for 0 +1 -1 so if u search for M+4 u will search for M+ 3-5