Pre patch…what’s in it?

We don’t know for sure. Many of us suspect we’ll get the pre-patch event with pre-patch because… that seems like it makes sense, but pre-patch is 5 weeks meanwhile Ion said the pre-patch event lasts 2 weeks, so there’s a bit of confusion here. Hard to say what is happening when based on that.

Typically this brings the new gameplay changes to classes but no new areas for example. So all the new talent trees, all the UI changes, etc

basically everything except the new stuff for DF, although we MAY get the Evokers so then maybe that class will be able to soar

  • Dracthyr Evokers become playable
  • Talent system goes live
  • Barber services become free forever
  • Mobs are no longer “faction tagged” when WM is off, no more “named quest mobs are shared, generic quest mobs are not” competitions
  • All SL raids go Fated until the expansion launches
  • Pre-patch event starts
    – The updated Uldaman dungeon is supposedly available
    – Datamines suggest there’s some kind of world content
    – Datamines also suggest there’s a tint of DF’s “world content” sets available through the event

Usual prepatches have stages or tentpole events that don’t last the entire duration.

The really damn odd thing is them not confirming october 25 for prepatch start even though literally every other closure of the final season brings forth the prepatch. Maybe they’ll have news today with their usual afternoon news.

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Wow didn’t know about the faction tag change thanks for the breakdown of the updates.

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Just announced.

The event includes:

  • a Quest Line
  • Elemental Storms (probably invasion-type content)
  • the revamped Uldaman dungeon

Evokers, the event, probably other things like the talent trees.

Any profession changes in prepatch?

Did they? I know the couple with questlines did.

Season 4 ends that day. But end of season may not mean beginning of prepatch. It is odd there’s no word.

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The mob tagging makes my expansion


Yeah they hadn’t mentioned anything and like literally every other time prior as far as I can see in the pvp season history (which since bfa has had m+ tied along for length).

End of last season on reset = start of prepatch

It’s just weird. Maybe as I said they’ll put out some info today but I have to ask why delay? They rob themselves a week of the obvious post launch fixes they always do with these things. And if they do delay it basically just wastes a week of last minute content, with an awkward lull.

We still have today and tomorrow since they have given us Friday notice before, essentially a week and a half.

Will pre patch be good for 50-60 leveling?

I just have to ask why delay the news? Everyone aware knows what’s what, and those who don’t will ask the same questions that have been best answered thus far (or remain aloof). Like did they not slot to type up the news page until yesterday or something?

Personally I think the delay is to do more last minute tuning and bug fixes. Beta is still a mess.

The pre-patch event testing starts tomorrow on the PTR, we’ll know then.

Ending the season is different than prepatch, even if they are intending that. Given the alleged statements by Ion prepatch could launch on 11/14 and he wouldn’t be lying. It may just not be ready. The beta has some serious rough spots for somethings that still need to be worked out. Like Mac support (it was crashing until this week’s build), and the fact that Windows 7 which is allegedly still supported apparently has massive performance issues. So they may be planning pre-patch for the 25th but that may be a target not a firm date.

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Beta and prepatch are not ready but full steam away at some point in a month or so.

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There was a bluepost today that said Ulduman Dungeon will be rereleased as level 60, Elemental Storms in Badlans and Un’Goro (which enhances the enemies in the area), and some sort of intro questline.

But these are things we have known in various details since April. Like the only news is that they are testing it.