Pre-launch Test Restarts Imminent

(Kaivax) #1

In a few minutes, we’re going to do restarts on all realms in the Pre-launch Test. This is to deploy a number of hotfixes that we’ve developed.

Thank you for your participation!

World Server Down
Great "Bug Fix"
Does this mean we won?

Thanks for the update, I hope everyone is killing it in the test! Any update on hunters from anyone? Still broken?

(Shendalar) #3

Why only hotfixes? The ugly fixes deserve an equal shot, too.


Good to know as I was about to log on lol. Guess I’ll go make yet another coffee while I wait.

(Ryuji) #5

Are the fixes server side only or were there changes needed to the client?


Please tell me the 1h sheathing sounds not playing and day/night indicator being broken are among those fixes…


By definition, a hotfix has no client involvement.


So about how long are the servers going to be down ?


What kind of updates are you looking for? I’m 11 on my hunter.

(Kaivax) #10

Restarts complete! Back to the testing.


thanks for the faster spawn times… you still waited a bit but much better then last test. Can’t wait for launch, so looking forward to going home.


Uglyfixes try way harder. everybody knows that


Login server is working, but the realm severs still show offline. Edit: Both are back online now.


servers are still gray :frowning:


umm looks like realms still down


When are the realm names going to be revealed? On the 12th?


so yeah so far so good Content looks pretty solid Having fun just waiting for servers to go back up


Realms are still showing offline :frowning:


Let’s like I’m going to be testing the queue time again…


Still can’t login.