Poundfist and the lovely stranger

I thought I’d share a positive WoW community story with y’all as I am still riding the high of such a kind interaction.

Last night I was playing on one of my alts, a level 47 draenei shaman. I was making my way around draenor, completing all the bonus objective areas. While in gorgrond, I happened across none other than a Mr Poundfist! I could not believe it! I’d never seen this guy before and now I just stumbled across it without even trying! But then the dilemma - how the hell would I kill him?

I checked the zone for other players. There was no one. I had a go at soloing him. Got him halfway down, but nope. I hopped onto a high level toon and came to the same spot, but I was in a different reality without Poundfist. So back on my shaman I decided to extend my search for other players to other zones in draenor and as luck would have it, there was a level 59 paladin nearby. I shot them a whisper asking if they would mind helping me kill this super rare mob. They already had the mount but said they were nonetheless happy to come and help me. What a legend!

They arrived at my location, but were nowhere to be seen. Uh oh! I was in Chromie time. They were not. At this point I was going to just accept this bad hand and give up. I apologised to the paladin for the inconvenience. But they were having none of it. They still wanted to help me. They went all the way back to stormwind to see if there was a way they could get into the same version of draenor as me. But no, they couldn’t use Chromie time at that level. They came all the way back out again and that’s when we figured to use party sync. Obvious in hindsight, I know! Sure enough we finally connected, we bought down Poundfist, and I got the mount.

Even though the solution was much simpler than we thought, this person nonetheless took a whole lot of time out of their day to help a complete stranger. And I think that is just wonderful. It has given me such a boost in faith in fellow players. I’m a very solitary player and don’t really interact with others in game all that much. So it is extremely heartening to have such a positive interaction. It makes me want to be less introverted.



Grats on your Poundfist! That guy is a royal pain in the backside to find along with the Voidtalon.


If I were to ever get that one it would be by sheer chance again.


Honestly every time I’ve stumbled upon it, it has been sheer luck.
First time for my significant other, then myself the second time, both in completely random locations. You’ll see it eventually! WoWhead has a good guide on all the spots and a route you can take to check all the spots (it has so many, it’s wild).


i was really expecting this post to go in a completely different direction thanks to the title… but grats on the mount!


Congratulations on your mount!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I didn’t name him!


Grats on your mount and a chance encounter with a kind fellow player. We need more of them :+1:


Yo, you’ll find that a good number of rares you never see are up in ChromieTime because there’s no max levels so no one can one shot them and no one is going to group up to kill them either, especially against mobs with less than 100% drop rate for them items (so poundfist excluded).

Legend indeed, I would have just ignored the whisper and went about my business :laughing:


I was honestly prepared for some sort of already flagged and hidden soft core role play experience that may have changed my life. This story’s still good, too. Grats on the mount, Magnarok!


Glad I wasn’t the only person…


Are there any “tips” for getting this? Or is he purely a random spawn/it’s RNG whether he will be up?

Been trying on and off to get this mount since 2015, but my goodness, seems like he’s never up lol

Closest I got was when I spotted him while randomly flying around, but he was already like 6% health from a swarm of casuals bursting him down. By the time I got within range to pop off an instant-cast, he literally died right as I was about to tag him :-1:

I got all the WoD drop mounts the same way - war mode on an alt, randomly logging in to check their spawns. Took me maybe a week to get all of them. Did it pre-Chromie time though so I wouldn’t recommend being in that for soloing reasons.

The title sounds like a cheesy p novel. :joy:
Grats on the mount.


Poundfist and the lovely stranger, a Pandaria steamy romance novel…


Story time!

I’d been hunting for a VT portal for some years on and off when one day I was in Draenor for unrelated reasons flying from place to place, not really on the lookout for a VT portal when bam! There she was! But hark! What’s this?! Another player was flying nearby heading for the same thing! Boom the race was on! Off I sped, dive bombing like a madman hoping to use the dismount whilst flying trick to gain a speed edge and praying the impact wouldn’t kill me and bam! I made it! Got me my VT :grin:

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the easiest way, I found, was to create a trial character…go to dreanor & look for the portals…my 2nd trial char. I found the portal. But I am not sure what level they start out at now, haven’t done it in a while

that mount is so ugly and everybody has it that wants it, who cares

Well, the people that has it, and/or wants it. Thats who cares.


ok but i dont and i speak for the majority of players