Pouch of Razor Fragments Does not applies

If flayed shot proc (Kill shot) kills target all enemies around does not suffer Pouch of Razor Fragment dot damage.

Flayed shot is already counter intuitive because if the target dies you won’t proc, so you need to flayed shot target B in order to hit target A to avail its effect.

Pouch of Razor Fragments its also counter intuitive if you cannot proc it by killing targets, i should hit my non-target in order to avail its effect.

Suggestion, Flayed shot effect should be on hunter instead of the target.
[Flayed Fury] (aura effect on hunter) for 18 seconds hunter may be enraged every 2.0 seconds (affect by haste) reseting kill shot and bla bla bla…
(balance purposes, if flayed shot is dispelled you lose Flayed Fury, but if the target is dead you keep the buff)

Pouch of Razor Fragments should dot enemies around the target all times, even through killing.