Post your rare rogue tips

This. This. This. A hundred times this. I cant recommend this enough.

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In arena, you can sap a DH a couple different ways:
You can smokebomb and shadowstep to land a sap or:
You can mount up and stealth>shadowstep>sap.
The 2nd option takes a little finesse but you can save your bomb

Does feint (regular not talented) work against frozen orb from frost mages?

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Yes its all aoe damage. So orb bladestorm brutal slash etc


/cast [@cursor] grappling hook

Must have macro for outlaw rogues.


When trying to get the counter on other rogues with the stealth advantage, Strafe holding q or e.
Hold right-click to steer and control camera, spam tab and sap (or equivalent macro).
When stealthing through an enemy it triggers late so everyone has to turn around immediately or suffer the consequences of facing the wrong way, when you strafe into your enemy, your range reaches is accounting for left, right and front of you, allowing for a seamless execution.

  1. Night elf is the best race for alli Bc it ability to get restealths
  2. ALWAYS sap off blind
  3. You can sap off of kidney shot as long As you kidney from a 90* angle and don’t let ur auto attack hit
  4. You can shadow step behind your target once a cast is about to go off to avoid it, such as gpie or chaos bolt
  5. As sub, always open with marked for death kidney shot instead of cheap shot against Orcs or someone who is using relentless
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Got a Macro to make that kidney stunt -> sap more reliable?

Not yet, im not very good with macros so I’m gonna ask some guildies if they can help me out I’ll get back to u