Possible transfer (horde) looking for insights

An orc shaman of the Frostwolf Clan, Healer and Officer for Chillstriker, Ally to the Timbermaw ((but now returning to the US (East Coast) after 9 months in Australia)).

Looking for advice on horde side raiding guilds to join. I have helped bring down the enslaved Firelord, the mad Soulflayer, and spent much time killing bugs in Silithus for fun and no little profit. Fellstriker is very underpopulated so getting attuned for the Dragon Queen, and the Spire, have been beyond me.

(( I am a middle-aged gamer looking for role-play as improv to add salt and spice to the raiding / PvP experience. I have a life outside WoW, so if you require someone to farm Black Lotus for 8 hours a day to flask up for 2 hours of sweaty-being-yelled-at … not me. ))

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I’ll let the hordies point you to the proper guild, but I will say that I love this server and one of the many great things I love about it is that it is largely populated by mature adults with lives as well. It’s an inside joke on the server (because people from other servers with 80 billion people on them like to call us a “dead server”) that we’re a “Dad server.”

But anyways, hope that’s useful information for your search and if you end up on Deviate Delight, welcome! I’ll now yield to the hordies to direct you to the proper guild.

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There are a number of good Horde guilds that raid. The ones I have the most interaction with are Landlubbers, Night Witches, and Crimson Cowl. They are competent raiders, who are kind enough to invite many of our Braves (as well as a number of other smaller niche guilds) on regular runs of the latest raids.

There are also several other guilds who would probably fit your needs as well, so shop about. What we lack in numbers we make up for in community.

For your roleplaying needs, I would suggest joining the channel /Roleplay in-game. It is an IC channel where a good portion of the guilds who are actively roleplaying interact. This would include leaders and members from the raiding guilds listed above.

There is also the Deviate Delight Roleplay Caravan on Discord: discord.gg/pw34sR

Dad of 2 calves raised in WoW, now grown.

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I transferred here about a month ago, and my only regret is that I waited until phase 5 to do it.