Possible Solution Against Boosting (Please Introduce Rating Decay)

what do you think the medium would be then? Also I’m new to forums, so that’s definitely disheartening to see the dev don’t even read stuff about their work in forums :frowning:

Twitter. The last few Q&As they did (they don’t do them anymore) they took the questions from twitter. I’m pretty sure most of their support staff and staff in general interact with twitter while at best maybe a blue skims over posts here that have like 500+ replies, once every couple weeks.

The few people I see that bought rating were all in lower brackets. Decay would be pointless.

Do you own the forums? You act like it causes you physical pain to see a post… :man_facepalming:

It would literally be no different than 60% of the matches people already play in 2s…

You really think they listen to player feedback on ANY platform? That’s cute…

For the most part, the arena forums is used to rating shame anyone who goes against the status quo but don’t let that discourage you. There are many skilled players here that aren’t complete Dbags.

It would get expensive for people that don’t belong in those brackets, even if they aren’t high rated ones. The game doesn’t revolve around the top 1% despite what some may think…

…when’d you get an Alliance paladin

No… many Blizzard employees actively interact with the forums. I’m not sure where you’re getting this “Blizzard doesn’t read forums” narrative from, but it simply isn’t true.

Before we go any further, can you elaborate on why you feel it’s a major issue?

Ah yes the blizzcon Q&A i suppose used the forums. Nice of them. I cannot prove they don’t read the forums so I’ll just leave it at interact, interaction with the forums is very scarce

Gee, I can’t imagine why, the community tends to always be so welcoming and tolerant of the blues.

This is just my personal opinion here, cause I genuinely get the frustration of players who are around 1600-1800; but games feel very loop sided skill wise. At least going from 1800-2100 in a few days when I got back to pvp from M+ (Got 1800 first day of the season).

You can kind of tell the skill level of your opponents from abilities trade offs and executions. On one hand you have someone saving their defensives for the exact right moment, while their teammate is blowing cds left and right and stacking defensives. And sure enough 80% of the matches where I felt their playstyle belongs in a higher mmr, I looked them up they were indeed a current glad.

It was easier for me to climb out of that bracket since I knew I belonged somewhere in the 2200-2400 zone from past history. But it was such a bizarre experience compared to that of the past. At 2100-2200 the skill of the opponents is much more consistent compared to at 1800 and below.

Oh I agree Bloomsday. I recall a blue coming to the forums in Legion and commenting on something, got about 2 posts out then he’s bombarded with the dumbest most irrelevant things - people wanting blizzard to give them mop enchant because they were 2k or something in mop, people asking over and over about some tabard reskin that was used, very dumb irrelevant things.

Love how you assume I’m 1400-1600
Your warrior is literally in the same bracket as me…

I would say 1600 right now is probably 1900 in BFA, due to the MMR floor dropping so significantly this season. MMR below 1500 wasn’t really a thing in BFA, not sure why. But now there’s an entire… community, I’ll call them, of sub 1300 mmr players. It’s kind of crazy. But if I had to put it in simplest terms, it’s like SL S1 1200 is BFA 1600. I don’t think the trend continues too far up the ladder, but the bottom of the ladder is really weird this season

yea I feel that too, and partly I blame the booster >.<

Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know everything, but that’s just one of the conclusion from my experience

You can’t keep getting rewards from the bracket unless you que that bracket so how is this supposed to change anything exactly?

If you want gold boosting to mostly go away you just need to make PvP gear scale up in PvP only, keep the gearing the same for outside of PvP

Then you really only have PvErs who want to get PvP boosts for the start of a raid tier or something but they disappear anyways, makes it easy to come back onto any alt as well if your gear scales up

You’ll still see streamers just playing with viewers for example just because it’s easy content to just pick up a random viewer or lfg player when you don’t have real games. It’s actually a lot harder to constantly have high rated games you can q so that’s not really gunna change, they did it in BfA still for the same reason. There’s way more that are doing it now though when they’re just streaming a gold boost or something but there’s also plenty of streamers that just go into lfg and grab someone for random games because you just have faster/more consistent qs

You actually can, and most do. The people who got a carried to 1400/1600/1800 most often than not never steps into arena after they hit that raiting. They just do the daily pvp for the conquest, then upgrade it using honor. You can get a 220 ring/cloak every week. Or if you save up you can get a chest and leg every 3 weeks.

That’s one of the main issues driving the boosting in this tier I feel like, cause one can get full 220 set without stepping into arena again after 1800. Though it might take 2-3 months. But then again most people who are buying the boost also raid and run m+, so they are only using this boost as another method to gear their characters up, having the ability to choose what you can buy & upgrade to 1800 is something that pve simply just doesn’t offer.

Yeah I meant you can’t get box rewards, but yes you could sit or w.e, don’t think this is going to change that much though regardless. W/o box rewards you gear really slowly. If you already have your conquest gear though it’s fine but I still don’t think this fixes the issue in any way

Genuinely surprised that the conquest upgrade npc isn’t locked on a weekly reset. Meaning you have to queue a game at the rating you want to upgrade to each week in order to upgrade gear to that rating. Cause you aren’t wrong, people do sit at that rating. It’ll take you longer but you can upgrade more characters in parallel throughout season. And given how poor pve drops have been having 213 or 220 even at season end will put you well head of the majority of the population.

That actually sounds like a great solution to be honest, completely flew past my mind. Kudos to you for thinking it out.

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You can get the box in another bracket and still upgrade it though.

Fair enough, guess it somewhat matters

Wouldn’t this just give more consistent boosting anyways though so people just keep getting gear upgrades lol

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