Possible Slaughterhouse Bug

I was in an EotS today and noticed the debuff from slaughter house wasn’t applying to a priest I was fighting. I rampaged, multiple times and it wasn’t dodged (the ability hit) nor was he standing in darkness. Is there a mechanic I’m unaware of? Has anyone else experience the debuff not applying consistently?

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From my experience the only time it doesn’t apply the debuff is when there is another mortal wound effect on them from someone else.

Hello! I know what you are talking about.

Priest have a PvP talent that is enhanced [Fade] which allows abilities to miss / not apply debuffs and hots.

I still hit the priest afterwards the fade goes away but my stacks of slaughter house stack up again shortly after the fade ends.

I’ve never experienced this but fury has so many bugs that I have reported and gotten fixed who knows at this point :sweat_smile:

Fury can’t apply slaughterhouse if any greater ms is already applied. Which is all of them. And it will be completely overwritten if a larger ms is applied before you can stack it to 40%.


What battlecruisr said is correct. What I think is a bug is if you run Reckless abandon and Battle trance you can’t apply the battle trance buff while recklessness is up. Doesn’t make sense to me. Yea the ability changes from raging blow to crushing blow but so does bloodthirst to bloodbath and bloodbath still heals you for 20% with enraged regeneration.

which also has the side effect of letting you crushing blow alternate targets while maintaining battle trance.